101 decibels !

101 decibels !

“When men do it, I call it a grunt, but the women’s is a shriek,” retired English tennis star Jo Durie told the BBC. “That’s the difference. The shriek is just so horrible. I can’t bear watching de Brito, and sometimes I have to commentate on her matches. It’s horrible and off-putting.”

Some consider it worse.

“It has got so embarrassing that you don’t want to be in the same room as your parents when it’s on TV,” Julie Welch complained in London’s Daily Mail this year.

“You might just as well have accidentally tuned into a porn film.”

Maria Sharapova has reportedly been recorded at 101 decibels, ahead of Serena Williams (88.9), and only slightly more than the woman many credit — or blame — for starting the whole trend. Monica Seles (93.2 decibels), who was inducted into the Rogers Cup Hall of Fame on Monday night in Toronto, was drawing scorn long before some of the game’s current stars had emerged from elementary school.

Seles, whom Navratilova once accused of sounding like “a stuck pig,” did not embrace the notion Monday.

“If you look back at tapes, as a nine-year-old girl, I was doing the exact same thing,” she said. “I think it’s unfortunate because men grunted many times before — Jimmy Connors (for one) — and nobody said a single word about it. With females, I think for a lot of people, it’s hard to accept when they’re strong out there.”

source: Canada.com/sports

Personnally, it is the only thing that bothers me about Sharapova…nobody’s perfect 😉

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