2GTS – Can You Be Better In Bed With 2 Girls Teach Sex?

So, what exactly is 2 girls teach sex? That’s a fair question. 2GTS is basically a DVD series that teaches sexual technique to men.

There are after all many men who wish they were better in bed, and this course is aimed at helping them become a great lover.

There is a twist though. The course is taught by girls. You see, girls know their bodies better than anyone right? And the girls in 2 girls teach sex know how to touch, where to touch, what to say, what to do and more.

They deliver this information in two ways during the 2GTS course. First, there is a seminar where the girls are asked questions, talk about technique, foreplay, and generally describe how to do things right.

The next part of the training is an actual demonstration with the girls. This will likely be the best way for guys to really understand the lessons being taught in 2 girls teach sex.

So what topics are covered in the course? There are actually five DVDs, each covering a different area. There is a DVD on positions, which are most enjoyable for girls, and which ones to avoid. This also includes to advanced positions if you are more adventurous.

Another 2GTS DVD is about Shawna Lenee’s experience, advice, and secrets. She talks about what she likes, what she doesn’t, and ways men can improve to become better lovers.

This is great as it gives a look inside a womens mind. A place that many guys do not understand (who can blame them!). Knowing how a girls thinks, what she is expecting, and what her insecurities are can really help a man be a more sensitive and giving partner in bed.

The third 2 Girls Teach Sex DVD is about giving your women maximum pleasure via multiple orgasms. Unlike men, women do have the ability to experience more than one orgasm. But, that isn’t always that easy to do.

What this 2GTS DVD does is give guys a system they can follow to achieve this. There is some technique shown for giving women both internal and external orgasms which leaves no doubt in a mans mind what he should be doing.

The fourth 2 Girls Teach Sex DVD is about presence, authority, and how to behave in the bedroom. Of course, every women is different, but many women like a man to be strong and to lead the action.

For some men this is a little daunting and they do not have the confidence in themselves or their skills to do this. One of the biggest turn offs for women is a man who isn’t confident.

So, in this 2GTS DVD guys are taught how to lead, how to make a woman feel looked after. Women are emotional beings, much more than men are, so they respond to a variety of situations in bed.

This is also taught on the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs. Keeping things fresh and exciting is key to keeping a relationship alive and not losing that spark.

One last area of the 2GTS course covers how to last longer in bed. This is a problem that effects many men. The stamina report shows a step by step system that can be practiced on your own at first, and then with your partner.

The idea is to build up the length of time you can last. By doing the exercises on a regular basis, you will become less sensitive to stimulation and will therefore not build up to an orgasm as quickly.

It goes without saying that if you can’t last long enough in bed, this is a problem for your women too. She will likely not be able to reach her own orgasm if you cannot last long enough to stimulate her during intercourse.

Source by Nick D Shaw

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