3 Deadly Mistakes Inexperienced Guys Make that Instantly Tell a Woman They are Needy and Desperate

If you were to ask females what sort of men they can’t stand you would always get the answer- Needy and desperate. Almost every woman would always say she does not like needy men who are desperate for attention around them. Now why is this the case? Well simply due to the fact that when you want something and you try to hard to get it you lose your charm. But there are several guys out there who make several mistakes which make them seem desperate. Read on to discover what these mistakes are and what you can do to prevent them from happening…..

Asking her about yourself all the time- Some guys tend to ask a girl a lot regarding what she thinks about them. You see when you ask a girl whether she likes you or not you are giving a very strong indication that you are needy and you are at her mercy and she has the right to accept or reject you at will. Women like men who are comfortable with themselves not the one’s who act needy all the time.

Calling her constantly- This is probably the biggest sign that you are desperate and needy. Never call a girl immediately after a date. Some guys even tend to call the girl up even when the girl never asked them to call. You see the more needy you act the worse your chances get with women and dating.

Trying to hard to impress her- Once you start trying too hard to impress her she would instantly start playing too hard to get as you have now boosted her ego and she feel some what special and better than you. She would start making you work for her attention and would dump you at the end of it all.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh

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