3 Sex Positions to Make Her Deliciously Satisfied – Be the Man She Can’t Resist!

In today’s article, you are going to find out few sexual positions women enjoy. When performed correctly, these erotic poses will send any woman overboard easily – we promise.

#1. Lusty Lap Dance: most women love to be in charge. The power is an excellent emotional trigger. When your partner is on top, she can control speed and angle of thrusting to maximize the orgasmic response for both partners. In a typical her-on-top position, you lie on your back as she rides you. To add orgasmic spin, move yourself to a recliner chair. She sits onto your manhood, with both partners facing the same direction. While thrusting, you will want to massage her hips, clitoris, and breasts for extra pleasure.

#2. Your Highness: she lies on her back, and you remain in half-kneeling position in front of her. Put few pillows under her hips so that her hips greet your groin. Then, she rests both legs against your chest. As you thrust back-and-forth, tell her to press her lower belly. This helps to push the G-spot towards the penile path, and make for awesome stimulation. As well, the super deep penetration is going to turn her on like nothing else!

#3. The Rear Entry: ask her to bend forward on all four. You should support her torso so that you can thrust deeply. Once you are inside her, slide your fingers between her thighs and stroke the clitoris erotically. She’ll love with when you incorporate finger techniques into this position. The unexpected sensation can be erotically thrilling.

Source by Ian Lee

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