3 Steps to Blast Your Woman to Orgasm Heaven

Can you imagine having the power to make a woman call out your name in ecstasy with a single touch? When you’re able to give a girl multiple orgasms, you’ll find that your self-esteem level will soar.

On the contrary, many men’s biggest fear is that their woman will start faking her orgasms, trying to fool them into thinking she’s happy. While it may difficult to be able to give a girl multiple orgasms every time, it’s worth it because it makes you the number one guy on her list forever Read on to discover ways to give a girl back to back orgasms.

Step 1. Use Verbal Seduction

A lot of men underestimate the impact of words during sex. The truth is, most women really like to be talked dirty to in bed.

Tell her how sexy she is and how hot you are for her, and then just keep ramping up the intimacy. It’s not even about the “L” word – just convey your passion and a sense of romance. Lay the compliments on and tell her how every part of her – her taste, her scent, her feel – is amazing.

Step 2. Go Exploring!

Don’t be afraid to explore around. Follow her signals as she moans and writhes to find the best spots. Remember – sex is about pure impulse, and if you settle into a routine, she’ll get tired of it. Keep trying new things to pinpoint her favorites.

Step 3. Locate the G-Spot

The G-spot is one the major keys to when it comes to sex with a female. If you want to give her back-to-back orgasms, this is the way to do it.

To locate the spot, put your fingers inside her, and make a motion like you’re beckoning someone over to you. It’ll drive her nuts every time – believe me, it’s much more effective than anything else because you have full control over your finger movements.

Source by Derek Rake

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