4 Ways To Know He Thinks You Are Sexy

One of the hardest things for women to do is figure out if a guy really likes them. Does he really find them attractive or does he just want to have sex with them. Believe me most guys will tell any woman that she is attractive if he believes it will get them in bed. Use these clues to figure out if he really finds you sexy.

1. He changes your name. No it is not just becoming baby, sweetheart or cutey. Guys use these names just to avoid having to remember your real name. It is also not calling you by your real name. This means that a level of intimacy has not be reached.

When he gives you a nickname that only applies to you then you will know that he likes you. Now the name should be some form of your name. That way it couldn’t just apply to anyone. Once he uses this name on a consistent basis, you know he finds you sexy.

2. He gives up his favorite night to be with you. When a guy thinks a woman is hot, he can’t spend too much time with her. One because he wants to enjoy sex with her and another reason is because he does not want another guy to be spending time with her. When he stops hanging out with the guys or gives up doing his favorite activity, you should know that you are in good. If he gives up golf, it may be time to get a pastor.

3. He is always thinking about you. This is not just something he says to you right before he takes your clothes off. This means that he calls you during the day, he emails you often and tells you he is thinking of you. When he does this you know that he can’t stop thinking about you.

4. He gets very physical with you. If you think someone is sexy, you can’t wait to touch them. Even if you are not the hugging type, you look for situations when you can be next to them. That is because you are thinking of how they would feel in bed.

This goes back to when we were kids and the guy would hit the girl that he likes. It was just a way of touching her. Well the little boy has grown up, but men still do the same things.

Now that you know the signs, how should you handle it. Many women make the biggest mistake here.

Source by Shawn Hill

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