A Guide To Class Of Prostitutes In The Society

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This interestingly written article on the topic of Class Of Prostitutes. Patronizing prostitutes is still a crime in most part of the world. But there are some countries such as Holland where prostitution is legalized. Visiting prostitutes is one of the quickest ways to catch STDs including HIV – AIDs. You also run the risk of being beaten up by pimps or have your pocket picked when you patronize prostitutes.

In spite of the above odds, we still cannot do without prostitutes. All social scientists have admitted that rape would be on the increase if there are no prostitutes to take care of the sexual urge of certain individuals in the society.

Every man needs a woman and there are times when it becomes impossible to abstain from having sex. When a man has no woman, for one reason or the other, he may need to get a call girl to satisfy his sexual needs. Even when you have a woman, she may be far away or she may refuse to have sex with you for one reason or the other. It could also be that you have a high libido that one lady is simply not enough.

The reasons for a man to hire a girl for sex are many and we can go on and on talking about them. The bottom line is that prostitutes are useful no matter how you look at it. It is necessary to know one or two things about them because one way or the other, you are surely going to need their services.


These types of prostitutes are all over the big cities of the world including small towns. You find them in dingy brothels especially in the cities and often, looking bitchy, cheap and dirty! They are the commonest and easiest call girls you can lay your hands on. They are cheap and always available. Sex with them is quick, impersonal and risky. The risk include arrest by Police, STDs, insults, abuses and possibly an assault from one or more of the prostitutes in the brothel.

Never ask for foreplay, fondling of breasts, blow jobs, doggie or anything extra. These girls are not ready for all that “nonsense” They want you to go straight to business, ” release” quick and go so that they can hustle for another customer.

The more money you can pay, the more these girls will treat you nice, but do not expect any girlfriend treatment from them. They are there for business not pleasure that you are looking for. The faster you fuck them and go, the better.


You find these prostitutes only in the cities. They operate in secluded areas designated as “red light districts” and it is only in the night that you get to see them.

These category of prostitutes come neater, more enlightened and on the average younger than the brothel girls. But they cost far more than their brothel counterparts. You can have them for the whole night in your apartment and they try to make sex worthwhile for you. A lot of them are well educated and willing to satisfy you. You can actually get what you want from them including blow jobs, if you pay them well.

Your chances of getting STDs from them is probably higher then with brothel prostitutes. Taking them to your apartment could be risky as you are exposing yourself to theft and armed robbery. Some of them work hand in hand with criminal gangs and they will provide the necessary information about you to such gangs who will later break in or come to rob you by violence at night.


These are prostitutes who hang around hotels and resort centres stalking on male visitors who are alone. They usually work hand in hand with the Hotel Manager. They are young, beautiful and often, well educated.

If you pay them well, you can get good and satisfying sex from them. They are enlightened educated and know how to satisfy a man. Your property is quite safe with them and they are not likely to pick your pocket. Since they work hand in hand with the hotel management, they in most cases behave well and treat you real good. But their services cost much.


These are not so easy to identify and they are not likely to approach you directly as other prostitutes do. However, they abound in the corporate world, the way their counterparts abound in the streets.

Their dress code is usually a miniskirt, a tight trouser and a blouse with a deep slit that show a reasonable portion of their cleavage. Very likely, they wear a jacket on the blouse to give a corporate image. They move from office to office hawking one product or the other. The product may be a tangible one like a new appliance, clothing accessories or an intangible product like an insurance policy or an investment idea.

It takes a lot of experience to identify these girls. You really think they are there for business, but what they are hawking is just a cover up. If you are observant, you will realize that the profit from what they are marketing would not be enough to make them dress so cutely in any case, from trying to sell a particular product to you, they will eventually sell their body to you.

In bed, they are good and could give you real satisfaction. But some try to play the “good girl” to you and so behave shyly in bed. It is only acting. They want you to think you have picked an innocent girl.


This is a blend of the brothel prostitutes and the street hawker. These girls go to night clubs to drink and chat with men. You can take them home or fuck them right there in the club.

Girls who are into night clubs prostitution often dress well – far better than the brothel or street hawker. But you stand equal chances of getting STDs from them as their street hawking or brothel counterparts.


In Europe and America, prostitution is of a sophisticated dimension. We have lesbians prostitutes, gay prostitutes, lesbians club, gay club all promoting the sex trade in a different way. You have to be careful with whoever you are dealing with. Male prostitutes could be dangerous.

Conclusively, much as you enjoy a relationship there is the need for you to be utmost careful. There are instances in which prostitutes and or clients have lost their life in the cause of meeting or bringing in prostitutes.

Source by Paul Eguavon

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