About Female Sexual Dysfunction

There are many reasons that women suffer sexual dysfunction. While the typical male hits his full sexual stride between ages 17 and 20, the typical female does not achieve her full sexual peak until age 34. 46 percent of women around the world suffer some sort of sexual dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction for women has been divided into four basic categories:

  • Lack of Desire – The female has little to no interest in sexual encounters
  • Arousal Problems – The female has interest in sex but cannot become stimulated
  • Non-orgasm – The female is a willing partner and responds to stimulation but cannot achieve orgasm.
  • Dyspareunia or Vaginismus – The female experiences pain during sex.

Women suffering Dyspareunia or Vaginusmus should check with a physician to determine if there are any underlying problems causing the condition. The other symptoms for female sexual dysfunction are often caused by stress, anxiety, over-tiredness or an impatient partner.

The most common cause of female sexual dysfunction is an unbalanced hormonal system that produces lower levels of testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for the individual’s sex drive.

For many years, women were advised to seek counseling. While this therapy provided some psychological relief, it did not address the problem of low sex drive.

Gradually, women began to experiment with various remedies. One of those remedies was a 0natural herbal remedy. The most powerful testosterone booster is the Tongkat Ali Extract, manufactured in Malaysia. This extract, derived from the root of the Eurycoma Longifolia tree, s a safe, all-natural product taken from the rainforests of Southeast Asia.

Actually, Tongkat Ali addresses all the non-psychological causes of female sexual dysfunction. As explained by Dr. Mehmet Oz and alternative herbal expert on the doctor’s national television show, Tongkat Ali Extract is an unparalleled aphrodisiac.

Women who use the herb will experience an increase in testosterone, the most important sexual hormone, and will notice that their erogenous zones become highly stimulated. Adding to the appeal of Tongkat Ali for women is the fact that the extract also provides comforting lubrication to the vaginal walls.

While Tongkat Ali had received much notoriety as a treatment to improve the sexual performance of men, women feel strongly that it is also an effective treatment for female sexual dysfunction.

Women report more desire, a higher stimulation sensation and lasting orgasms. While men use the extract on a “cycling” program to achieve maximum results, women need not use as strong a dosage as their male partners.

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