Alec Diss Number 5

He can’t keep up, game over alec.

Swangin’ in since ’46
Chick-fil a is what i sow
Pop the glock up in his eye
Someone call the wahmbulance

Yusa boy
Yusa little fucking bitch boy
Popeyes is for bitches
That like fucking gay boys

It’s time for red rum – red rum
When I see you with that popeyes bag
Murda – murda
That shit biscuit you call food

You had your chance to win
to take this rap shit over
You’ve been to busy eating shit
and sucking popeyes dick

Huh, what’s that sound
We talking about how we eat the girls out
Alec only knows about getting fucking take out
Maybe if you knew what good food was
You’d actually be able to score a chick

You can’t afford a bitch
You spend your money on Popeyes
Their dick with your name on it is for you to hitch

Huh, Alberts fried
I think I figured it out
The reason why you can’t get a girl
and why you love popeyes so much
Is probably because
Shoving buscuits up your ass feels too damn good

But can you blame him?

If I couldn’t get a girl I would need something to feel good

Luckily they butter those buscuits for you, pre meditated butt stuffing

I don’t know exactly how that works, but I guess i’m happy he’s getting some action

That must be why they call him Chef Albert

Chef of…. Shoving things in his ass

I don’t know, I guess i’ll have to ask him

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