Are There Different Types Of Male Orgasms

Can men really have multiple orgasms? Why is it that different men can experience different types of orgasms? As you can see, the issue of male orgasm can be rather perplexing.

Basically, the primary reason for the male orgasm is to powerfully discharge sperm to fertilize the female for the purpose of making babies although some men may not ejaculate any semen at all during an orgasm. Robert Kinsey, a scientist in human sexuality described orgasm as an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tension.

We all know that having an orgasm is an incredibly pleasurable experience. This is nature’s way of making sure that human beings want more sex to experience the pleasure again and thus to ensure the survival of the our species.

Some men can and do have orgasms without ejaculation at all. Others do not ejaculate immediately and the ejaculation may occur only after a few seconds after the climax. Some fortunate men will even experience multiple orgasms. Fortunately, you can train yourself to be multi-orgasmic.

Male orgasms not only a physical effect, but psychological ones too. For instances, some guys get the pleasurable feelings only in the genital area while others have the sensation spreading throughout various parts of the body often accompanied by pleasurable shuddering. As such, how much of the sensation of an orgasm is actually physical in nature and how much of it is psychological is kind of difficult to determine.

During the act of making love, as a man approaches orgasm, the muscles of the penis starts to contract rhythmically so as to ejaculate sperm. As the orgasm continues, his blood pressure, breathing pace and heart rate all increase at once.

The ejaculation stage is the most pleasurable state during sex and thus many men, in order to stay at that stage longer consume health supplements to increase their sperm volume for the fact that the more sperm one has to ejaculate, the more powerful and longer the orgasms will be. Others train themselves to have multiple orgasms to maintain the pleasure. Contrary to popular belief, men can have multiple orgasms.

Most men are quiet during an orgasm although some may make pleasurable noises like women do in their orgasmic stage. Many men also feel some tenderness on their penis after n ejaculation.

After all the sperm is being ejaculated, there is a sense relief and many men actually fell asleep almost immediately. Do you want to know why do guys feel sleepy after having an orgasm? Well, I did say that the male orgasm is rather perplexing, didn’t I?

According to Dr. David McKenzie, a sex therapist in based Vancouver said that a man’s body chemistry is altered after an orgasm. The biochemical called prolactin is being released thus physically altering his body and making him wanting to doze off. Furthermore, the physical exertion during the act of sex and the orgasm may have depleted his energy producing glycogen (stored carbohydrates in the liver and the muscles), which makes him lethargic.

However, not all men fall asleep after they have climaxed as many do enjoy cuddling or talking to their lovers and sometimes, it is their female sexual partners who actually fall asleep first. So the notion held by most women that men are only interested in having sex and once that is over, they just roll over to sleep may not be that accurate after all.

To sum up this article, yes, there are different types of orgasms men can experience, but all of us want to experience better orgasms and there are ways to do that such as by increasing your sperm load through healthy exercise programs, eating healthily and to take supplements such as zinc. Alternatively, learn the technique to acquire multi-orgasmic capability.

Source by Chris Chew

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