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The story is comprised of diaries and journals written between 1988 and 1992, while living in Peshawar in the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan. It includes the 5 month horse trip I made to the north through the Hindu Kush, the Hindu Raj, the Karakoram, and Himalayan Mountain ranges in 1989. It begins with a 1988 trip to Lahore to see Hira Mandi. Underlying the entire story is my relationship with a Pathan girl and her family…it covers many aspects of Pakistan most people never get to experience, including travels in Bajaur and Mohmand Agencies, FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas)..
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Peshawar, Pakistan, 1988

Peshawar was the seat of activity for the Afghan Mujahideen (freedom fighters) fighting across the border in Afghanistan.
When they weren’t fighting and dying in Afghanistan they were roaming the bazaars of Peshawar.
Bombings and political intrigues were the norm.

It was a time of aid-wallahs (workers), x-pats, journalists, and spies, living mostly in University Town (simply called ‘Town’), outside of Peshawar City (the old city),on Jamrud Road, leading to the Khyber Pass and Afghanistan.
Heroin factories abounded just outside of the city, in Tribal Territory and across the border in neighboring Afghanistan.

This story takes place in this environment, and in this time, but only has passing concerns with these matters, as it happened; I lived in Peshawar City, in Hashtnagri, with Bibi Ji and family (a local P.P.P.-Pakistan People’s Party-leader, and of a respected and prominent Sayid family).One could say this story is about Pakistan, though parts of Pakistan most travelers don’t get to see, a diary, a travelogue of sorts. It mainly deals with my relationship with a Pathan girl and her family of a questional repute.

The story takes place from January 1988 to November 1991, covering visits to Hira Mandi, the famous red-light and natch (dancing) district in Lahore, to evening prayers in the Shrine of Data Baba and at the majestic Badshahi Mosque (also both in Lahore).
It includes a five month horse expedition though the Hindu Kush, Hindu Raj, the Karakoram, and Himalayan Mountains from Peshawar to Chitral, Kalash (Kafiristan), Gilgit, Kaghan Valley, and Azad Kashmir. Polo on the Shandur Top, road blocks in the Karakorams, the Babu Sar Pass, and migrating Gujars and Koochies. The Pashtu music recording scene in Peshawar,in which I was involved. Afternoons spent in Lahore, lounging on a charpoy (local woven rope bed), visiting friends at a Pathan house of pleasure. An evening shoot-out with Punjabi pimps in Lahore. Smoking charras with malangs and policemen. All roads travelled brought me back to her side in Lahore.

In the end, our relationship causes me to be kidnapped to Tribal Territory (Bajaur Agency), where I found myself ten miles off the paved road (the slight government control is limited to the paved road), in a mud fort, a short walk from the Afghanistan border tied to a charpoy with her.

Before that a wild month abroad, fringing on insanity, staying with Waziri taxi drivers in the desert outside of Dubai, on a crazed search for her. And back in Pakistan, my on-going search for a wife, including chaperoned meetings with several girls on the Frontier. Also after her unexpected return, there are a couple of personal exploratory undercover trips back to Bajaur.

There is also a short informative chapter, in the second half, of a visit to Thailand, written in a refreshing and lighter mood.

photo: Looking back at Afghanistan, near Landi Kotal.
Pakistan 1982

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