Be the Best Lover She’s Ever Had

Chapter 1: What Women Want Differently Than Men

Wouldn’t it be great to know for a 100% fact that you are the BEST LOVER your girl has ever had?

Well, by the time you finish reading this manual you will be! And the best part is you don’t have to be “huge” in the pants to do it.

By the time you are done reading you will know not only WHY women often look to other lovers (aka cheating) and how to prevent it… you’ll also have an arsenal of secret techniques that guarantee you are “Her Best Lover Ever” and command 100% adoration and commitment from your girl. (Not to mention sex your way, when you want it!)

Let’s get started 🙂

As you know, there many ways to pleasure a woman physically.

I’m talking about oral orgasms, fingering orgasms, penetration, and of course all of the different positions that go along with it.

But here’s something most men don’t understand…

Being the best your girl has EVER had has nothing to do with any of that stuff!

Yep, you read that right.

Being your girl’s best lover comes down to 2 OTHER things that most men don’t think about: I’m talking about Emotional & Sexual VARIETY. Let me explain…

Usually when a woman cheats, it’s because of one (or both) of these reasons:

1. Because her man can’t give her orgasms. There are tons of reasons why a man can’t give a woman orgasms but some of them include: – not lasting long enough – not having the proper technique to give her foreplay orgasms (fingering or oral sex) – not having proper technique to give her orgasms during penetration – not making her feel comfortable enough to relax and have an orgasm.

However, for THIS report I am going to bypass that stuff and share with you THE NEXT LEVEL STUFF. (Reason number 2!)

2. Because women want VARIETY!

Now, I’m not talking about variety in the same sense guys want. I mean, let’s face it… guys want to be with a lot of different women.

The variety women want is a variety of EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES.

But… they want to experience them all with the SAME guy.

So, if you are a man, this is great news!

That means that so long as you are giving your woman a variety of emotional experiences in the bedroom, she’ll be totally satisfied with you and only you… literally FOREVER.

And fortunately, once you know this, it’s easy to do.

Let’s get right into it…

Chapter 2: How To Be Her Everything In Bed

I’m now going to GIVE you 3 types of emotional experiences that you can give your girl that virtually CHEAT PROOF your relationship.

Get ready to be the COMPLETE lover in her eyes…and here’s why….

You see, women don’t fantasize about different penis’s, they fantasize about TYPES of sex.

For example, romantic sex, taboo sex, loving sex, dominating sex, and as a guy you can easily give her every single type of sex that she wants!

When you can do this you ARE “Her Best Lover Ever” because you can give her EVERYTHING!

Also, when you can give her these different types of sexual experiences you better believe that YOU will enjoy sex many times more because it will always be exciting and different.

Here are the first secrets about being “Her Best Lover Ever”:

1) You do not need to have a huge penis. For women it is not about penis size. It is about the emotion that you make her feel and the orgasms that you give her. Most of the best lovers in the world are actually average or BELOW average in size because they spent time learning what women REALLY want. Guys with big dicks just get on top and jackhammer away with little regard to technique or their girl’s sexual turn on. The techniques to be “Her Best Lover Ever” will work with any size penis; just read the directions and follow.

2) If you want to give her romantic sex so good that it penetrates deep into her soul you do not need to be: soft, cheesy, or have long hair like Fabio. (In other words you don’t even need to a romantic guy OTHER than when you are giving it to her this way!) Many guys think that they just aren’t “romantic.” Don’t worry about whether you are romantic. All you will need to do is follow these directions that put her in a romantic state of mind and she will THINK you are the most romantic guy ever. No horseback rides, picnics, or ripped abs are required 🙂

3) You can give her a variety of EMOTIONAL sexual experiences during the SAME SESSION of sex. When you can give your girl orgasms through DIFFERENT types of emotional experiences during sex this is truly the next level. I’ll explain exactly how to do this in a bit:) Now let’s get into 3 types of Emotional Experiences you can give her. (Each of these experiences is meant to work “turn key” for you. If you want to change them a bit you can but each of them works fantastically as they are!)

Chapter 3: The First Emotional Experience All Women Crave Emotional Experience #1 – Romantic Sex

This sounds SO SIMPLE and you may be thinking “duh, obviously girls like romance.”

However, even for a guy who knows that his girl likes romantic sex every now and then he still rarely pulls it off correctly. Usually, he’ll take his girl out to dinner, maybe light a candle or two and then have sex as normal.

This is VERY wrong. Instead, here’s how to give her romantic sex in a way that penetrates her down to her soul:)

Mindset: Recognize that Romantic sex does NOT start when you are inside of her and it does not start when you arrive at a restaurant to take her out to dinner. Rather romantic sex starts the morning of (or the night before) you are going to be having sex. You are going to be so romantic that she is desiring you very strongly and having very strong feelings for you

BEFORE you even have sex. The sex will be romantic as well and that is what will drive her over the top with strong feelings for you.

When to use romantic sex: – When you are feeling a disconnect and distance between you and your partner – When you haven’t seen your partner in a while – When you want to encourage the emotional connection you HAD with your partner but have since lost – When you want to make a girlfriend “the one” (your wife) – When you are in a serious relationship with the girl

When to NEVER use romantic sex: – One night stand – When you are casually dating a woman and do NOT want to take it to the next level – When you just started dating a woman (comes off at creepy and too early)

Here is one great way to give you girl amazing romantic sex.

Give her advance warning and tell her you have a special night planned.

The night before start texting her the following messages (even if you live with her text don’t say… it’s far easier)

Text 1 from you: I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night 🙂

She will probably write back with: “So am I” or just a 🙂

Text 2 from you: It will be so nice to just be alone, the two of us…

She will write back with: “yes” or “what are we doing” or again just a 🙂

Text 3 from you:

No matter what she writes back do not write back anything but a smiley face if ANYTHING at all. This will get her more excited and surprised.

The next morning text her or tell her what to wear in a very gentle way. Do NOT suggest what underwear or lingerie she should wear. Suggest a nice dress or outfit.

Sample text: “Wear that green dress, I really like it on you.”

She will wear it 🙂

As for the actual “date” you want to make it as different and romantic than anything else you usually do. Kiss her repeatedly through the night, start kissing her, then stop, then 10 minutes later start again… Repeat 🙂

If there is a restaurant you usually go to, DO NOT go there. What is going to make the night super romantic to her is that you did something DIFFERENT.

Pick a restaurant that is quiet and has food that is easily sharable. It does not have to be expensive, just relaxing and quiet.

Anything water, or near any kind of nature is best.

At the restaurant:

– Dress SUPER nice… even better than she is. This will re-enforce in her mind that you really care about her and you think she is worth dressing up for. If possible wear new clothes that she has NEVER seen before.

– Order for both of you.

– Sit next to her (same side) find a booth if possible 🙂

After the restaurant:

If possible and your budget allows snag a hotel room. Any hotel room will work, its all about NOT doing the same old same old. If she asks WHY you got a hotel say that you wanted to be alone with her.

During the actual sex itself:

Take as long as you can kissing before you start getting her naked. Kiss her entire body. Go down on her 🙂

Start the sex in missionary position. If you can have a few candles lit and some romantic music in the background.

The position you should use is missionary position. Move slowly and kiss her the entire time.

Talk romantically and tell her how much you love her and how much she loves you. Kiss her neck while you are inside her. Use your romantic talk to drive her over the edge to an orgasm. Don’t worry about pounding her really hard tonight. Tip: Keep you head down next to hers, have her hug your arms with her arms, and pull you close.

After sex:

– Be affectionate (don’t turn on any sports games, haha) and don’t pass out right away

– Keep kissing her after the sex is over


Romantic sex is extremely important to your girl because it allows her to feel that “special connection.” After romantic sex you will notice that your girl is more interested in you, wants sex more often, and is more open to other bedroom adventures with you since she feels MUCH more comfortable with you. Let’s move on to a VERY different emotional experience for her….

Chapter 4: The More “Risque” Emotional Experience ALL

Women Secretly Want!

Emotional Experience #2 – Dominating Sex

Dominating sex isn’t necessarily what you may think it is. While dominating sex does have elements of physical dominance in it it is more about EMOTIONAL dominance and you being a “man.”

Don’t think of s & m and dungeons and whips but think of a male dominated interaction that enriches your girls world by making her feel completely feminine to your masculinity.

Most guys have problems giving their girl a “dominating” experience because society has led men and women to believe many of the following LIES:

Big Lie #1: Women ALWAYS want a nice guy

Women want a nice guy but often want a man to be a “man.” It is extremely UNATTRACTIVE for a man to act “wussy” around a woman and this is often why women cheat with a “bad boy.” I’m not saying that you need to have a bunch of tattoos and rock leather pants and a Camaro but what I am saying is that you need to incorporate a dominating sexual experience into your sex life.

Big Lie #2: Women find doggy style demeaning

If for some reason you find ANY truth in that remove that belief from your head RIGHT NOW. Many national women’s magazine have surveyed women and surprise surprise, doggy style is often the most popular position among women! If you even think for a second that your girl doesn’t like it THINK AGAIN my friend…The primal nature of doggy style is just as good for women (if not better) than it is for men

Big Lie #3: Women don’t want a guy to tell them what to do When you are good in the bedroom and using authority in the correct way (as you are about to do) women often LOVE it. Sure they don’t want you to boss them around all the time but showing authority and leading is one of the most attractive traits a man can exhibit towards a woman.

In a few short moments you will know EXACTLY what to do 🙂

When to use dominating sex:

– When you have been having sex with her regularly but feel that its missing excitement

– When you’re at a place in your relationship (you should always aim to be here) where you and her are friendly joking around and teasing and there is sexual tension 🙂

– When your relationship was going great but now you feel like you are starting to get walked on a little bit, this will reverse THAT fast 🙂

When to never use dominating sex:

– When she is in a bad mood

– when something bad has happened at work

– When she has some sort of personal family issue going on (i.e. sick relative)

– When she is being super affectionate and it is obvious that she wants ROMANTIC sex

Let’s get to the good stuff;)…

How to give her a mind blowing toe-curling dominating sexual experience:

Start teasing her the day before… Here are some sample texts:

You: You better be ready;)

Her likely response: for what?

You: For ME

Her: what do you mean? or:)

Your next text: Be ready tomorrow at (insert time and place). And wear (add in your favorite pair of underwear/lingerie AND dress or skirt etc)

Her: what are we doing? or OK

Tell her you will tell her when you see her.

Off the bat you have set the tone that you are in charge.

When you pick her up (or see her if you live with her) make sure that you are dressed DOWN. Do not look awful but do NOT match her level of dress.

As soon as you see her (even if its your wife) grab her and start making out with her. She will then know that its a sexual night for her:)

Take her to a restaurant or place that YOU want to go to. It doesn’t have to even be a place that she likes at all. As long as she knows that YOU like it. The theme of tonight is that by making it all about you and your desires as a man you are REALLY pleasing her!

If you do go to restaurant sit on the same side as her and put on her hands on your soldier under the table. Put one of your hands between her legs and massage her a bit. Throughout the night grab her and kiss her and then stop suddenly, then start again:) If she asks why don’t respond. And if she ever tries to kiss you smile but turn away and don’t let her. Then kiss HER again 🙂

The entire night be in charge WITHOUT being overly aggressive.

Tell her you will order for her with a smile 🙂

Open the door for her and then rub her thigh as she walks through.

The mood you want to create is playful and sexual with YOU in charge.

As for the actual sex:

Make sure you have sex someplace where you do not usually. Dominating is great in a car, on the washing machine, on the kitchen table. Or anywhere you can BEND HER OVER.

That’s right you are going RIGHT for doggy style 🙂

Once you are ready to have sex start making out with her and then pull down her dress (but leave it on) and move her panties to the side.

This is one time where you do not need ANY “hands on” foreplay…because you’ve actually been having MENTAL foreplay since the first text! Bend her over (keep her standing) and start giving her standing doggy style.

You can also add in:

– light slapping of her ass

– grabbing her waist and pulling her in to you harder

– talking dirty examples) “I know you like this” “I wanted you all night”

– as long as she is comfortable with it you can try lightly choking her from behind, pushing her head down, or lightly pulling hair (from the roots)

This is one of the only times of sex where if you don’t think she is going to orgasm it is OK for right now. If you are ready to give her this type of dominating sex you should be familiar with her body and able to normally give her orgasms.

After you come, you can go down on her or finger her if she did not come from penetration.

Tip: Make sure to be really nice to her AFTER sex so she recognizes that the total domination all night was a type of act and you really do care about her.

Other tip: If you want to switch positions while you are inside of her switch to another male dominate position.

You could use her lying on her back with you standing and doing missionary or doggy style with her flat and you deep inside of her.

Follow those directions to deliver a dominating emotional sexual experience for her.

Remember that dominating sex and romantic sex are polar opposites so once you are familiar with their extremes you can try to either push the extremes or find a less intense experience that still is different enough than your usual sex to stimulate her mind and body.

Chapter 5: Showing Her A New Side Of Sex

Emotional Experience #3 – Taboo Sex

Now that the REAL core elements of Romantic sex and Dominating Sex have been explained let’s move on to Taboo Sex.

Taboo sex is anything that gives her feelings of naughtiness or slight guilt. For everyone woman different sexual acts are naughty. What’s naughty to one woman might be prude for another!

So for the purpose of giving you advanced, valuable information that YOU can apply I am going to hit the important PRINCIPLES here of taboo sex.

Overview of Taboo Sex:

Often times great arousal for both men and women is around sex acts that around. There are common themes and I’m going to give you some examples so that you can MASTER this concept.

– For a super religious girl losing her virginity would be extremely taboo and often times a turn on

– For many women anal sex is considered taboo and once you can get them to do they really enjoy the naughtiness of it

– For many women blow jobs or swallowing is considered taboo

– For EVERYONE having sex in public is taboo

– For some women watching porn is taboo

Get the idea here? I’m sure you do;)

One of the easiest ways to add taboo sex and emotional excitement that works for almost all couples is having sex in public.

I don’t mean REALLY in public but only where there is the thought of someone seeing or you being caught.

Here is a completely LEGAL and EASY way to do this:)

When you are having sex start introducing the fantasy of having sex in public in her ear. Do this from the safety of your own bedroom. Get her actively involved and talking back to you.

Tell her that you are in a dressing room in a store and you are inside the dressing room watching her try on something sexy. I know this sounds a tad bit cheesy but this fantasy works with almost EVERY woman.

Remember that women have a VERY vivid imagination and they will be able to PICTURE the sexy scent very well in their head.

Ask her to tell you about it…This way you KNOW she is thinking of something sexy that turns her on and YOU get the credit for it. (isn’t cheating awesome:)

Continue on letting her describe this fantasy to you. Tell her to imagine it is happening RIGHT NOW and let her lead you with what to say. She will give you very clear directions on how to rock her world that night!

By doing the public sex fantasy in the privacy of your own home you can have the fun of the experience without having to REALLY do it. Keep in mind that this is great way to introduce call sorts of taboo fantasies with your girl. Get her to see it in her mind and act out the fantasy at home.

Here is one of the most important things I can share with you…. If she can see it in her mind it is VERY likely that she will actually DO IT in for real!

Advanced tip: Take the hottest fantasy (like the dressing room) and actually DO IT! Oops, I didn’t tell you that now did I;)

Now that your TRULY understand the emotions behind taboo sex start finding out what’s super taboo for your girl and doing it!

Chapter 6: Taking It To The Next Level… And Beyond!

What I am about to reveal is extremely powerful mental techniques for stimulating your girl. Promise me that they will NOT to be used for manipulation but rather to enhance the strength of your relationship by being a lover far superior to anything she has ever experienced.

The concept of what I am going to share is very very simple. Almost TOO simple. But if you actually do it, and do it right, it creates serious pleasure for your girl and you as well. (there is nothing better than watching your girl orgasm UNCONTROLLABLY underneath you). The next level is all about giving your girl orgasms through each of these emotional types of sex but mixing the types WITHIN the same session of sex. How do I do that you may ask?

What you need to do is get so good at romantic sex and so good at dominating sex that you can get her completely sexually charged with a few words of your voice that get her in that emotional state. The IDEAL goal here is to get it so that you can have amazing romantic sex WITHOUT doing ALL of the steps listed above. Or AMAZING dominating sex without doing ALL of the steps above.


You need to first DO all the steps and get good at them. You’re girl will FEEL the emotional experience. You need to pick up on WHAT specifically in that experience that you said verbally or did physically gave her those strong emotions. You’ll know what it is. Keep practicing just those LITTLE triggers until you can get her into either emotional fantasy any time before or as you begin sex.

Now to really set yourself apart start changing her emotional experience AS you are having sex with her. Start off with romantic sex and give her a few tender orgasms. Switch to dominating and give her some more aggressive orgasms. Switch back to romantic sex and tell her how much you love her as she orgasms again.

Once you use these secrets and can give her different STRONG emotional experiences during sex, no other lover will EVER compare.

We guarantee you that no other man has ever done that with her or ever will:) You now hold the secrets to being Her Best Lover Ever. Enjoy these techniques, and of course, treat your girl right!

Source by Jessica Slater

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