Best Sex Positions – Things to Follow and Avoid

Most men are interested in having varied best sex positions in bed because they fear their partner may just get bored with same positions every day. So under this circumstance maintaining best sex positions play an important role if you want to have all fun and excitement. So if you want to learn and improve all your sexual life, then you have to keep in mind to avoid a few things with your partner. So if you follow these lessons you can always satisfy your partner in bed.

When having real sex try to keep porn away from your mind as these movies are just not the best educating materials. Having sex in front of camera can never be very much comforting pleasure for anyone. When watching such movies you may always notice that most women maintain by resting their ankles onto men’s shoulder. This is one position that may in fact be very much uncomfortable for most women as this is just not the best way to stimulate women and her clitoris. She may also experience lot of pain in her private organs.

When speaking of pleasure, women are always smaller as compare to men. But this just not the right reason for keeping her away from having all the fun and excitement of sex. When having sex, it is important that you maintain perfect contact with your girl. Always ensure that you make the women experience all the pressure of your weight. If you let all your weight to rest on her body, she may just love having it this way. When maintaining best sex positions you have to avoid certain exaggerations. It is not possible for you to crush her body with your weight. After having sex always free your girl for sometime as they love being free. Avoid pressing her pubic bone too hard and she may enjoy this session with you.

Most men like being on top of their women, maintaining. This does not mean that you need to get more lazy and so try to please her more often. This is one way that she may feel more comfortable and may enjoy having sex with your very often. Always keep in mind that most women enjoy being sensitive and if you fondle them they simply like it very much. In case you tend to get a little bit rough, some women may always appreciate your docile behavior. In case anything ever goes wrong then most women may not allow such wrong things to happen when having sex.

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