Best Sex Positions to Have Your Woman Orgasming in Minutes – You Shouldn’t Miss These at Any Cost

Are you tired and bored of the same ‘old’ sex positions all the time? If you are, then I am more than happy to tell you that there are numerous sex position that you can try to spice up your sex life and have your woman orgasming like crazy all night long.

Below are some of these positions that you can try tonight!

Position #1- The ‘rear entry position’-

This is the rear entry position in which the female is on her knees and you enter her vagina from behind. It is very soothing for your woman and you will also enjoy it. This can also help to give her intense and multiple orgasms because the penis will be in direct contact with the G-spot when thrusting.

Position #2- Another very sexy position is to have your girl on top of you. She could either face you or face away from you. Either way you will both enjoy the experience. This position is also very good to have your woman going crazy over you with intense orgasms as the G-spot will be constantly stimulated. Girls also like this position because if give them a sense of being in control.

Position #3- The third preferred sexual position would be the side-to-side position. Also in this position you can either face each other or you can allow your woman to face away from you. This position does not involves too much moving and is suited for slow passionate love making. It is also good to delay your orgasming since you will not be thrusting very fast.

Source by Jason Chow

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