Can The Annihilation Method DVD Set Improve Your Seduction Skills?

The Annihilation Method is the title of a DVD set by Neil Strauss, author of The Game. The underlying story involves five guys that Strauss himself handpicked to be a part of his new tutorial series. The DVD shows several pick up artist try and teach these five guys how to pick up women in a club scene.

Here is a short commentary on The Annihilation Method, and why I think you should take what you will learn from it with a pinch of salt.

Not Much Information on Inner Psychology

We all know that an overhaul is needed to effectively deal with your inner demons and develop confidence. It’s the anxiety about social interaction and sexual ability that really keeps men from becoming seduction masters. Sadly, this was not addressed enough in this DVD set. The Annihilation Method glosses over all that and goes right into the meat of how to elicit attraction, which in this context means getting women to notice you.

There is a section devoted on inner confidence, or rather, instant confidence; which involves self hypnosis. Fixing inner psychology, in my opinion, needs more than a round of self-hypnosis. Developing the skills you need to become really confident in a social situation stems from what you will do to get those inner demons out. If you’re insecure, it will show. But then again, the Annihilation Method demonstrates a way for a guy to get hypnotized into being confident and social.

What Happens After Attraction?

There is no information on what happens after attraction is sparked. Maybe most guys assume that sex happens right after attraction. Maybe it goes without saying that the girls will fall all over themselves because of the initial attraction they felt for the guys. But we all know that something has to happen before a guy can get from point A (sparking attraction) to point C (the bedroom). If you’ve been waiting for that to come up in the Annihilation Method, you will be disappointed.

Attraction is definitely a factor in seduction, but it’s not the solution for men who go to clubs not to make friends but to find a sex partner or a girlfriend.

On the plus side…

There is no mistaking the entertainment value of the Annihilation Method, which is partly due to the appearance of Hypnotica, Steve P. and Mystery himself. In fact, a large part of what would make the DVD set worth buying has a lot to do with Mystery’s appearance in it. Most of the things you will learn in the Annihilation Method are based on Mystery’s techniques, which isn’t surprising since Neil Strauss has learned the tricks of the trade from Mystery.

Source by Jon Sinn

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