Coital Alignment and Other Sexual Positions

It is a documented fact that only about 30% of women can achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. Don’t beat yourself up about it guys, it’s not something you’re doing. The reason of this is because in the in and out thrusting motion the clitoris is not even being touched, therefore no stimulation for the women.

The best sexual position to try and remedy this, is the Coital Alignment Technique. It is very easy to do, even though it’s name suggests otherwise, in fact it is a simple missionary position, guy on top girl on bottom with one little difference. After entering the girl the guy should move is body up some so that he is at a higher angle than the girl to ensure that the shaft of the penis is rubbing the clitoris.

The man can lean to either side a bit so as not to rest his entire weight on the girl. The girl can then wrap her legs around his, trying to extend the stretch of her legs so that her ankles are about the height of his calves. Once the correct position is achieved the girl can begin to thrust her own pelvis, repeatedly making contact between her clitoris and the base of his penis. It is a basic rocking back and forth synced kind of thing, rather than being all about penetration. The Coital Alignment technique will give your girl the best chance of having an orgasm through vaginal sex.

As with any new positions it might take a bit of practice to get it right and or get used to it, but the fun is in the practice right?

Most women have a passive role in sex, and this is when boredom sets in and a loss of interest, ladies need to learn to take a more active role in the bedroom and take charge. Guy’s like it sometimes when they can just lay there. Ladies get on top and start riding, you know what feels good so make it happen yourself, the guys won’t complain trust me.

Another position that is popular with the ladies is doggy style, in fact I hear many times from my patients, that doggy style is the only way that they can have an orgasm. Try doggy style on all fours, and then switch it up by resting your forearms on the ground with your backside sticking up. Doggy style is a great position for the guys who are lacking a bit in size, it allows you to get deeper.

Staying with the same old position and the same old place will do nothing but deteriorate a sexual relationship, you must try new things and new places to keep the spark going. Be adventurous and have fun, sex is not supposed to be a troublesome experience, but something that both of you look forward to. Try out the Coital Alignment Technique, and other ones to add the spice back into your sex life.

Source by Rachel Greer

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