Controlling Prejaculation – The Treatment

Are you having trouble with your sexual stamina? Speaking from personal experience, it can be very frustrating to know that I am unable to please my partner during sexual intercourse. My inability in controlling prejaculation prevented me from lasting long during sex and proved to be a very concerning issue as it began to negatively affect my self confidence. It grew to a point where I began to feel intimidated to engage in sexual activities so as not to embarrass myself in the presence of the girl I liked.

I began to read a lot online in the attempt to learn how to last longer in bed. Although I was able to find some tips on having better sex, none of them directly addressed my issue of how to prevent quick ejaculation. Mainly the problem with these guides was that they were often unclear as they lacked effective instructions. I also came across many remedies for prejaculation in the forms of creams and ointments. Yet again, none of these so called remedies proved to be helpful in curing my prejaculation problem. The only thing these ointments did was to numb my privates which was not only extremely painful, but it really never solved my arousal problems. I have read some studies which claim that men normally orgasm within six and a half minutes after the vagina has been penetrated. This time of six and a half minutes is subjective as to Whether that is a long enough time for sex. Certainly most men will conclude that six and a half minutes is short indeed, seeing that the norm as portrayed in popular culture is that, a man should be able to last for at least an hour. This notion is especially true in Hollywood. In any case, the opinion of your sexual partner should matter the most.

Thankfully, I am currently 25 years old and I have been cured from premature ejaculation. I am glad to say that I am now enjoying longer and better sex with my girlfriend.

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