Day Game Pick Up Artist Techniques – The Fake Phone Call

Social comfort and social questions are really important pick up artist techniques for your day game. I used to call them ‘pre-openers.’ The idea is that it’s something to snap the girl into social mode based on the blueprint of how to talk to people that’s already available. She’s on her way to run errands or do something and not in social mode, so your social question gets her there.

Everybody has had someone come up to them and ask them for direction, the time, a smoke, etc. This is how you get it started. You walk up and you should be as situation relevant as possible. This is the key to everything – not only picking up girls but also socializing in general. If it’s not situation relevant, it’s wrong.

For example, you might see a hot girl at the grocery store and hold up an item and say, ‘Hey, do you know how to cook this?’ This is situation relevant. If you pick up a jacket at a store in the mall and ask her, ‘Hey, do you know how to cook this,’ it’s not going to work!

I discovered one of the best openers totally by accident. I was in Starbucks telling my friend how a friend of mine told her boyfriend she loved him when she was really drunk, and then the next day, she tried to take it back. I told him, ‘You can’t take it back, can you?’ And a girl who was sitting nearby chimed in, ‘No way! That’s a done deal!’ Then, I asked her what she thought about that. This is where I got the Drunk I Love You opener.

You can use opinion openers in the daytime. An opinion opener is something like, ‘I need a quick opinion on something. Who do you think buys more, men or women?’ You can get a girl to eavesdrop and turn it into an opinion opener by making a phone call. Turn your ringer off so nobody calls you when you’re doing it, and have a fake phone call.

Talk a little bit louder than usual and when you notice her listening, say, ‘Hey, don’t eavesdrop. Actually, wait a minute – we need a girl’s opinion on something.’

This is a great way to use an opinion opener as your social question to open the day game. This is one of the best pick up artist techniques for getting a conversation started during the daytime.

Source by Claire Geonzon

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