Do I Call to Confirm a Date?

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How to Confirm a Date

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This article coveres Confirm a Date. Should I call a guy to confirm a date?

The rules for confirming a date are quite clear:

If the date is made more than three days in advance it is acceptable to call the day before the date to confirm.

So, if the guy made the date with you on Monday and the date is for Thursday you can call on Wednesday to confirm it. As well, if the date is made on Monday to get together on Friday or Saturday it is acceptable to call on Thursday but not on Friday. The reason here is that calling on a Friday to confirm your Saturday date, unless you call before the early evening, maybe thought of as ‘checking up on him’ and not just confirming the date. Guys can be suspicious that way. Girls too.

So yes, you can call to confirm a date with a guy, just not on a Friday or Saturday night for a date the next day unless the call is made before the early evening, before 5:00pm or so.

The conversation for confirming a date should be something like:

“Hi John, I am just calling to make sure of our date tomorrow night at (whatever time), at (whatever place)” or substituting the place for where and when he will pick you up. And that’s it. Do not drag the conversation out, that’s what the date is for, to spend time together and have enlightening conversation.

The same for laving him a voicemail if he doesn’t answer.

The message should be similar too:

“Hi John, nice greeting (laugh), I want to be certain of the time of our date tomorrow. Call me back before (this time). Thanks, bye.” Short, to the pint and no room for making weird comments that might give him second thoughts about dating you or changing his plans.

Now you know.

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