Do Men Easily Lose Respect for Girls After Sex? Now You Will Know What Goes on in a Man’s Head

Men are very difficult for most women to understand, even though they tend to operate with very basic principles in mind. If you have recently engaged in sexual activities with a man, and are curious to know whether or not he has lost or will lose respect for you, here are a few things you can observe to find the answer.

How Old Is He?

Men who have been sexually active for a longer period of time, generally the slightly older models, generally do not lose respect for women with whom they engage in intercourse. However, younger males who may be inexperienced are still trying to figure out their sexuality and the quality of their performance, so they may seem to lose respect because they are confused.

How Was His Childhood?

If a man was raised in a home with very strong religious values, having intercourse outside of wedlock can be a strict no-no, and therefore he may feel guilty. While him losing respect for you is hypocritical as it took the two of you to have sex, he most likely lost respect because you did not tell him no.

Does He Have More Than Just A Shallow End?

Men who are strong emotionally tend to feel less guilty after sex if it is with a woman they truly like, and guys who are shallow may not lose respect, they just got what they wanted and will move on.

Does He Feel Bad Afterward?

Sex is wonderful, it changes the way that men and women view each other in their relationships, however if he is a strong religious man having sex outside of marriage, it could change things. He may lose respect as a result of the act happening, not in you as a woman.

Does He Love His Mom?

Men with “mommy issues” tend to sleep around more as they have insecurities with their self-image, and after they sleep with you, they lose respect because you were, at least in his eyes, an easy target.

Was It A Random Hookup?

Women who are “easy” or submit to sexual relations after the first date tend to lose respect in the eyes of men. Guys want someone that is a little bit harder to get, and they enjoy the thrill of the chase.

How Is Your Reputation?

Even though he may sleep with you anyways, a woman with a reputation for being promiscuous hold very little respect in the male community. They may not show it through their actions, but they like women who are able to wait.

Source by Krista Hiles

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