Does She Like Sex? 4 Top Questions About Female Sex Habits Answered in 4 Minutes or Less

How often do women climax during sex? Are all female orgasms the same? If not… Why not, and which ones are best? What do women really think about size? Is she disinterested in sex completely, or just not that into ME at all? Any of these questions sound familiar? The truth is, for many men, the female body, and sex drive is completely mysterious.

No matter how well you may know your girlfriend, wife or lover, there are still sexual secrets she probably is NOT sharing. As a matter of fact, we’ve published hundreds of articles, that have been read by thousands of men, and the one consistent set of questions that keeps coming up are those about HER body, and her orgasm as well.

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at the top 4 questions we get about female sex habits from readers around the globe, and specifically, questions about her orgasm habits as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

How often can a woman REALLY orgasm during sex?

Good question! Contrary to popular myth, the vast majority of women can have multiple orgasms, for each and every sexual experience. There are two types of orgasm experiences for a woman: 1 – The Serial climax, which simply means she is able to have many (or at least multiple) orgasms during one longer sexual encounter. 2 – Sequential climax, refers to a number of shorter orgasms, usually “clustered” together and taking place in short succession.

Can all women have both types during sex?

Another good question! The answer is yes and no. Here is the truth: The vast majority of women CAN experience multiple orgasm during sex. It’s much more difficult though, to achieve this from intercourse alone. A better way? Foreplay types of sexual stimulation are much better for a woman who prefers to climax more than once, whereas intercourse, is much more challenging for most.

Why is this true?

It’s just the way most female bodies are made! But first, remember that every woman is different. Second, the “rules” above aren’t rules for everyone, just more generally true for most. During intercourse, the most sensitive parts of her anatomy are much more difficult to stimulate, simply because they are located far deeper in her body, and require much more friction. On the other hand, foreplay is much more about stimulating the sensitive spots much closer to surface level, meaning prolonged pleasure is much easier to achieve.

Is this where the “does size matter” arguments and debates come from?

Absolutely. For some women who PREFER to climax from intercourse, a more well endowed man, or at least one who is a good match for her body, is much, much more preferable. To other women, who prefer foreplay for orgasm and intercourse for intimacy, size isn’t nearly as much of a concern.

Lastly, and this is really important to remember:

Women enjoy sex as much, if not more than many men do. That said, there are simply different reasons why our sexual habits aren’t the same as yours, even when the interest level is the same.

Women value intimacy and connection as much as orgasm when it comes to our favorite part of lovemaking… and keeping this in mind with YOUR partner is a great way to ensure she’ll continue to have a libido that matches yours as well!

Remember, sexual compatibility is key. Your bodies should work together. Your needs should compliment each other. And communication, above all, is the ultimate erotic engine, especially for her!

Source by Amy A.

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