Escort Service

UP ONJBW 15 gallops west behind two NS thoroughbreds and their cab signal escort through the C&NW heritage littered corridor of Nelson on the Geneva Subdivision. The 107 empty oil cans from the east coast are headed for Wyoming to the Genesis Energy owned Pronghorn Terminal, a double loop track unit train loading facility north of Douglas. Over 20 years have passed since the Union Pacific merged with the Chicago & Northwestern in June of 1995 but the railroad scene in and around town here has remained untouched post-merger. Searchlight signals, code pole and a steam era coaling tower are still kicking it in present day 2015 serving as a reminder of what used be. Nelson is where the former C&NW north-south SI Line from Springfield, now Peoria Subdivision, feeds into the busy Chicago-Clinton, IA Geneva Sub and trains can enter or leave either mainline in either direction here.

Posted by Joseph T. Wagner on 2019-07-08 21:19:43

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