Ex Girlfriend Calling Etiquette – What to Say to Get Her Back

Calling your ex girlfriend… when should you do it? How long should you wait before getting in touch with your ex, and what kinds of things should you say to her?

These answers are not always easy, and each situation will be different. That being said, there are also a pretty standard set of rules and guidelines you can use when it comes to handling your break up. If your goal is to win back your girlfriend, you have to walk a very specific path. Push too hard and you’ll shove her away, causing your ex to run in the opposite direction. But move too slowly and you could lose her forever, possibly even to the point where your ex girlfriend is dating another guy.

Ex girlfriend calling isn’t something you do right off the bat, and it’s certainly not something you do without a definite blueprint of what you want to say. Coming off as too desperate, needy, or excited can give away your position… causing her to reinforce her decision to end things. But saying the right things, and with the proper attitude? That can really help pique her interest and get yourself right back in your girlfriend’s head again. Long after the phone call is over, she’ll still be thinking about what was said and what you meant by it. This is what you’re shooting for. You’re putting her into a mindset that’s receptive to receiving more calls and contact from you.

But at first, immediately after the break up, you’ll need to observe a very simple rule: no contact. You can’t call your ex girlfriend during this time, and you can’t communicate in any other way. This means no text messages, emails, MySpace or Facebook stuff… nothing. By removing yourself from her life, she gets a solid dose of being totally, utterly alone. By not letting her put her finger on exactly where you are and what you’re doing, your ex gets to worry that maybe you’re moving on. Even if she’s the one who dumped you, your girlfriend’s greatest fear is that you’ll go on with your life while she’s standing still. No girl wants that.

Being alone also gives her the chance to really miss you. You’d be surprised, but most guys keep hounding their ex girlfriends right after the break up, destroying their chances of getting them back. Ex girlfriend calling etiquette specifically forbids communication, but some guys will call and text their ex girlfriends several times a day. When you do this, your ex never gets the chance to see what life is like without you. She never misses you, or longs to talk to you, because you’re always there. Because of this, she’s got no incentive to reverse the break up… she’ll continue on with it until one or both of you find someone else. Which isn’t what you want.

So how long should you go before calling your ex? When is it okay to contact your ex girlfriend?

A good, solid rule would be about four or five weeks. I know that sounds like a very long time, especially if you love your ex and want her back. But you have to realize that a month isn’t all that long in the grand scheme of things, and you should also be looking long term. If you want to re-establish a very real, very solid relationship with this girl that will last for years to come? One month of silence isn’t all that bad, and it will go a long way toward getting your girlfriend back.

Source by Anthony Malibu

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