Flirting With Girls The Right Way

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Most guys just don’t know how to flirt with women. So, I decided to make this simple but powerful tips of flirting with girls for guys guide. We men are to the point in our communication which explains why men have not clue about flirting. Women on the other hand, speak a lot of what I call “womanese.”

Tips for Flirting With Girls

Womanese is emotion based communication and it seems weird to us men. When we want flirting tips for guys and would like to become proficient with this, we must always keep this in mind.

If you no not understand this type of communication, you can not effective game women. Use these two critical flirting tips to use on women.


(Make sure that you smile now and again: a lot of men forget to smile which is really bad.) null

In the last Batman movie, the Joker said, “Why so serious.” Don’t be so uptight about talking to a woman. Most guys are “so serious.” Don’t do that. Yes, I know it’s hard to approach a woman. But having a constipated look is just going to kill your game.

When you pass a hottie, just smile to her to open a conversation.

When you are using your naughty banter lines, smile. Most red-blooded American woman would find a man’s warm smile refreshing. Women like that a lot in men, and it’s so simple to do! It will spark instant attraction in a woman.

Most guys don’t even know if they are smiling or not. Fix it and smile from now on! This is huge.

Tease The Woman

You just have to learn how to tease a woman. It is one of your greatest weapons to use in the dating world. What was fun when you were young, is still fun to girls today.

So, the following is fair game:

– Call her creepy.

– Whatever she replies, ask for her hand. Take it gently, and slap lightly the top of her hand and say, “Bad girl!” (This one is a huge secret of mine. Huge!)

– Ask her to thumb wrestle with her.

– Call her “Little One.”

– Pretend that the woman you are interested in you and that she is the sexual predator.

– Call her a powerpuff girl, like, “OMG! You’re just like a Powerpuff girl!”

Great examples indeed. Think of some more and try them.

It doesn’t almost make sense, but women love this. Just insert it in between your conversation with the woman. You do need to practice, but it is not too difficult. Just remember to be playful when you do these things and smile when you do it.

Getting tons of numbers and dates will be the results of flirting tips for guys.

Source by Viktor Kurgan

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