Gardez La Monnaie (Keep The Change) [2013]

American Online Movie Awards. Fall Showcase. New York (USA) 2014. American Online Movie Awards. Spring Showcase. New York (USA) 2014. Palm Springs International Film Festival. Film Market. Palm Springs (USA) 2013. Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival (FR) 2013. Say It Again Exhibition. Art Nouveau Gallery. London (UK) 2013. 66th Cannes Film Festival. Short Film Corner. Cannes (FR) 2013. Keep The Change explores two relationships created from a financial exchange; that of a young nurse assigned to a woman in her sixties and that of a young professional who uses the services of an escort to pass her off as his girlfriend. Keep The Change portrays the story of two relationships created by a financial exchange; the former of a young nurse to an elderly woman and the latter of a young professional using the services of an escort to make her pass as his girlfriend. —————- Screenplay, Direction, Cinenatography and Production: Lo Xu-Ming Tong Performers: Olivia Gagnon, Ingunn Omholt, Gabriel Wihl, Catherine Bournival, Isabelle Laurier, Ray Blaze Lighting: Rodolfo Moraga Camera Operator: Anthony Kennedy Sound Engineer: Pascal Salzman, Curtis Ladouceur Sound Editing: Clay Gold Make-up Artist: Magali Rey-Lelorier Assistant Director: Julia Milz

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