Girl Talk

Girl Talk

The messy love life of Mia is explored in intimate detail as she encounters relationships with several different women.
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Erica Rose directs “Girl Talk,” a sensual drama about connection, often depicting a gap between emotional and physical intimacy, set apart by its forthright conversations and depictions of sex. Mia is a “fancy producer lady” who jumps openly between partners. A recent relationship with Elle seems to be offering something new, worth exploring deeper (at least from the perspective of a couple other friends) but on the surface, Mia remains non-committal. One night at a party, she meets Kate, who she’s transfixed by and sparks up a conversation with. Soon we meet Kate’s partner, and though it begins awkwardly between the three, eventually they all leave together and share an evening of testing boundaries. Rose’s film is a provocative and complicated exploration of lesbian relationships, mature, self-assured, and characterized by sharp repartee and beautifully composed scenes of sexuality.

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