Guy Gets Girl Review

Dear aspiring seducer,

I’m going to admit one thing to you right off the bat:

I’m tired of reading bad seduction e-books.

Like, really tired.

I must have read at least 50 of them over the past couple years… sadly, not kidding… and at this point, it makes me sick trying to listen to another imitation pickup artist tell me why HIS method is better than ALL the others out there… bla bla bla… I’ve heard it before. Believe me.

You see, it all started when a student of mine (and a pretty cool friend) gave me a call about two weeks ago. He calls me a lot, so it didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary. But this time he had an agenda.

Him: “You have to check out this new seduction e-Book I just bought! It’s called GuyGetsGirl and get this… It’s written by A GIRL named Tiffany Taylor. It actually seems pretty legit.”

I took this moment to laugh at his expense. I told him what I tell every guy who gets their dating advice from women – Don’t trust anything they say.

You see, most women don’t know what attracts them. If you ask what they want in a guy, they’ll tell you a few common things:

o He should treat me with respect

o He needs to be at least somewhat good-looking

o He should just “be himself”

And maybe even…

o He should be a good listener

o He should buy me things

o He should take it slow

I’m not trying to be harsh on women’s advice. Lord knows, they can be very intelligent creatures. But do you know what’s wrong with all this advice?

First, most of it is VERY general. If you’re like most guys, you’ll scratch your head when you try to imagine what guys at the bar are “being themselves” and which are trying to be “someone else.”

But second, these are not the things that make a woman horny. They’re what a woman looks for in a pet that they would lead around on a leash. And after a woman accepts all your gifts and compliments, she will eventually stop answering your calls, and months later you will see her walking on the arm of the prototypical “douchebag” that has beat you to the punch once again.

Sure, I’m generalizing A LOT.

But at the same time, I know it’s true… because that used to be me.

So when I heard about GuyGetsGirl, an entire book written by a woman, don’t blame me for judging it harshly based solely upon my first impression.

But my friend wasn’t dissuaded…

Him: “I knew you’d say that! But I really want you to check out GuyGetsGirl. Trust me, this isn’t your average girl next door. First off, she’s VERY HOT, and although that sounds pointless, it shows me that she’s been hit on OVER and OVER again in her life, and she knows what works and what DOESN’T…

Second, she’s an award-winning author who’s been writing about dating for most of her life… and she finally put all her thoughts down in ONE PLACE.”

I didn’t want to be rude to my friend, so I told him I’d think about checking it out, and got off the phone… with little intention of ever reading another dreaded seduction e-Book.

But I’ll admit one more thing. I’m also a bit of a wimp.

When my friend called me AGAIN that night asking if I’d bought GuyGetsGirl yet, I folded. To be honest, I do trust his opinion most of the time; he’s a smart guy, and not bad with the ladies.

So I read the site, and the sales copy didn’t mention anything about buying gifts for girls… So I used some excess cash from my Paypal and I was reading the book 5 minutes later. Oh well.

Then something really weird happened.

I noticed myself agreeing with most of the advice that little Ms. Tiffany Taylor was writing. Weird.

Then something even stranger happened.

I started to pick up some interesting ideas about women that I’d never though of before.

I read the whole book that night… and the next morning, I called my friend to admit defeat. He was right. So I told him, and it went a little something like this…

Tiffany Taylor’s GuyGetsGirl is possibly the best book on picking up girls that I’ve EVER read. It might even be better than my own book, and coming from me, that’s saying A WHOLE LOT.

The weekend following reading GuyGetsGirl, my friend and I pulled two CUTE little hotties from the bar. That’s nothing surprising for a couple of studs like my friend and I, but I’ll tell you one thing – I used Tiffany Taylor’s techniques the whole night.

This was not my average pickup. This was one of the smoothest, fastest pickups I’ve ever run.

Tiffany’s technique for triggering all the attraction switches in only 7 minutes is worth the cost of the entire book on its own.

But don’t listen to me. I’m an experienced pickup artist. Instead, try it yourself for free.

Source by Nathan Tyrock

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