Her First Anal Sex – How to Convince Her

Anal sex used to be a subject of taboo. People thought it is naughty, devious and gay-oriented. These days, the taboo has faded gradually. It has become a common sexual activity like oral sex many. However, some women are still not comfortable with anal sex. If you are intrigued to try it with your partner, you have a challenging task. Read on as we reveal how to convince her to fulfill your greatest fantasy:

#1. Get clean

The biggest reason why most women refused to have anal sex is: clean factor. They think it will lead to pass out all over your face or bed sheets. Firstly, explain to her that it doesn’t work that way. Prior to sex, take a hot shower and incorporate erotic foreplay to explore each other’s anus. Although fiber is recommended for daily meal, avoid its consumption few hours before sex to minimize possibility of bowel movement.

#2. Take it slowly

If it is her first anal sex, she may be nervous and uncomfortable to the new experience, so you need to take things slowly. If she is not calm, it’s going to be painful. Before you start, explain to her what you are going. You both need to agree on what to do and what’s not to do. Whether you are stimulating her with fingers or penis, go in slowly and invite her to send feedback to guide you. If she experiences pain, do not force thing.

#3. Lubrication

Her anus does not self lube like vagina does, and lack of lubrication can cause discomfort during anal sex. So be sure to use apply quality lubricants.

Source by C.Y. Lai

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