How To Arouse A Woman Without Touching Her Revealed

Having gotten great success from learning how to attract and seduce women, I also learnt a cool and really effective way to arouse a woman without even touching her. In this article I want you to learn this too…

There is a warning about this first though: do not try and use this secret seduction method without having attracted her first, as she will reject you. You can learn about attracting a woman later…

How To Arouse a Woman Without Touching Her

It’s actually based on a simple psychological principle that if you can get a woman to think about and imagine sexual things, she’ll get aroused. So to do this you simply bring up sexual subjects, such as kissing, foreplay and sex itself.

It works a lot better when you bring up something like kissing first rather than sex, and then having tested the waters move onto more sexual material.

But the question you’re probably asking is how to bring up sexual subjects into a conversation…

And this is easy as well. You can simply ask her what type of kissing she prefers, soft and delicate, or hard and passionate. This gets her imagining kissing and charges up the vibe between you. From here you can exchange opinions and this leads on nicely to kissing as well.

Now you may think that bringing up something sexual will repel a woman. However, this is not the case if she is attracted to you. In fact, compared to most conversation, sexual conversations are interesting and most guys fail to seduce women because they fall into the trap of boring conversation.

This arousal technique can be used as soon as you’ve attracted a woman, which can take mere seconds or a few minutes.

To make sure you avoid any chance of coming off creepy rather than interesting and arousing, make sure you use this technique with a playful attitude rather than a serious one.

Once you get a woman aroused with sexual conversation it’s easy to start kissing her and move on to more intimate things with her without rejection. Use it and see for yourself.

Source by Carlos Swartz

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