How to Drive a Woman Wild Just by Talking! An Art You Must Learn at All Possible Costs

Unlike men women are strange creatures when it comes to sexual arousal. Men hardly take minutes to get aroused, just a glimpse of the female flesh or a naughty wink and men are raring to go. Women do not get carried away by such trivial things and hence it becomes all the more difficult to turn them on by mere talking. However, having said this it is not impossible to turn on a woman by mere words.

Here are 4 ways you can try on women you know well.

Take your woman to a quiet romantic place for dinner. Order the best sparkling wine and start your conversations. Speak in a low and sensuous tone. Compliment her dress and her looks. Tell her she looks very beautiful in the faint glow of the candles. Appreciate her curves and tell her you are trying very hard to control yourself. Take her close and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. You may nibble her neck or earlobe as you do this.

If you and your girl are separated by some distance then you can also use the phone to turn her on. Call her and tell her you cannot wait to hold her close and see her naked in your arms. Verbally paint a picture of what you intend to do once you get home. Remember girls need to be mentally stimulated to get sexually charged.

If the two of you are colleagues or classmates then pull your chair close to her and tell her the dream you saw last night. Be graphic when describing your dream but do not be gross. Remember girls like erotica not porn. Tell her all that you saw and if you had no dream, well you can always make one out.

If you are in crowded place like a mall or a disco then you will have to be a little discreet. Tell your girl that you are itching to get back home. Tell her how horny you are and what you would do the moment you get home. Tell her how desperately you want to suck her breath and eat her.

These are some of the ways you can turn her on by just talking. However, your tone and the mischief in your eyes will tell her all that you have in mind and more.

Source by Rahul Talwar

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