How to Flirt by Text

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This interestingly written article on the topic of Flirt by Text. New technologies have a significant cultural impact; technologies have even reconstructed our everyday romance experience. In the 19th century, people shared romantic heart notes by, writing, sending, and receiving letters on a regular basis through the US postal system. Now we are living in the Digital Age the use of text messaging has transformed how romantic partners communicate. I would like to give few tips on How to flirt by text.


If you just met a girl and you both exchange numbers, it’s essential that you establish a playing field for flirting and even sexual rapport over text with her as quickly as possible. If you allow things to get formal with a girl over text, it will be challenging to get her in the sexy kind of conversation we’re aiming at. It’s also crucial that you maintain CONTROL of the conversation over text. A big mistake a lot of guys make is sending texts like…

Hey, how are you doing?

To a girl, I would call this the “I’m ok” respond; it’s polite to ask how are you doing in your first text, but this text is NOT what we’re going for…

Tips to Flirt by Text

Instead we are looking for something more enticing, “not over the top”, but something flirty, fun, a text that will throw her a bit off balance. You want your text to be spontaneous making the girl you’re flirting with to feel like she never quite knows what she’s going to get from you. The “Pivot” texts should be you opening text. Having her thinking about you is the objective and this text will certainly get her attention. For instance, in this example let’s assume you met this girl at a dinner party the night before. You both exchanged numbers. It’s around 11am on a weekday…

You: Imagine this?

You: If you could be ANYWHERE right now and be doing ANYTHING where and what would it be?

Note how this isn’t sexual at all. The key at this point is to start having fun with her. If she didn’t respond, no need to worry just let it go and come back fishing later. If she respond, use it to your advantage and find out more about her. It’s complete fantasy fodder for later! If she says she wants to be on the beach in Jamaica you can USE that and then SLOWLY start pursuing the conversation to more sensual places. For instance, once you have a healthy back and forth going…

You: Mmmm

Her: Huh?

You: Oh, just had this thought…well, I guess I’ll tell you another time.

Her: No why wait for later, you can tell me now

You: Was just thinking about your lips…

Her: Ooh, what about them?

And from that stage you can continue to exploit her imagination.



This is a perfect situation to whip out what I call “Private Whispers” texts.

“Private Whispers” are texts you use when you and your man are in the same room but can’t talk or flirt openly. So while you’re all in the house prepping dinner, you send him a message that says.

You: Stop it

When he gets the text, he’ll look at you across the room. Give him a little smile

He’ll say: Stop what?

You: Teasing me

And then slowly raise the heat so by the time you finally DO have a few minutes together you’re both feeling incredibly “romantic” and are ready to go.

Source by Demar Stewart

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