How To Get A Girl In The Right Mindset So That She Can Have A Powerful Orgasm

Female orgasm is the greatest sensation a woman feels after a sexual activity. It is characterized by the contraction of the muscles in the vagina, stomach and butt. It is often accompanied by a hot sensation all over the body.

It is easy for women to achieve orgasm. They only need to be in the right mind set. But getting them to be in the right mindset to make female orgasm may be a little complicated. The right mindset to make female orgasm varies with every woman.

Here are some tips on how to have the right mindset to make female orgasm for common women.

1. Relieve the woman’s stress. Stressed women are tired and will not have any urge to have sex. Or even if they have the urge to have sex, they may not have the stamina to reach the state of orgasm. To do this, a man must help her woman relax. He may treat a woman to a relaxing afternoon in a spa or a weekend getaway; or anything that can take the woman’s mind away from anything that stresses her out. Indulge her mind of the idea that the days is for her; that her man is just for herself and nothing can slice his attention from her. This alone can stimulate sexual ideas in a woman’s mind.

2. Test the water. A woman’s mood must be tested before a man should dose in. Is she feeling hot or not? Not just because the woman seemed to be relaxed, she is ready to have that wild and passionate orgasmic sex. She may be relaxed but she does not have the urge yet. This means, the man needs to do something more to stimulate his woman into having sex with him. There are a lot of ways of testing the water:

• Kiss. The female sexual urge may be tested by kissing her. If she kisses back and accepts the challenge of the lingering kiss, then she is hot and ready.

• Tease her. When the man tries to fondle the woman’s breast or tickle some of her erogenous areas and the woman is not annoyed and actually giggles in excitement, she is in the right mindset to make female orgasm.

3. When the woman is tested and she is already hot, the man should not do it that instant. He must make her drool a little bit. He can do a short gimmick like asking his woman to meet her somewhere else. This will make the woman think that her man have something special prepared for the night. She will be more excited into having sex. And the more she is excited, the chances of her reaching an orgasm also increases.

4. Surround the woman’s environment with aphrodisiac objects. Aphrodisiacs increases libido. Libido increases a woman’s sexual excitement. It also increases her creativity in bed. Scented candles, succulent Italian food or steak and a bottle of sparkling and bubbly champagne or a delicious wine can escalate the level of libido.

5. Let her be the boss. When the woman is in her sexual creativity zone, the man should let her be the boss. The man should let his woman express her creativity in bed without questioning the viability of her idea. The man should also set his mind to be excited in exploring the creativity of his woman. So, if she wants to explore some difficult kama sutra positions, the man just has to get along with her and help her achieve what she wants. Giving a woman a shot to her sexual fantasy directly puts her in the right mindset to make the female orgasm.

Source by Jason Chow

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