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How To Get A Girl To Like You – More Than Just A Friend!

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Hopefully you enjoyed our article written on Get A Girl. What do most guys do when they meet a woman that they really like? Well, most of guys will try to present themselves as a nice guy who love mom, have a good job, and are stable. Then, he tries to pursue girl by offering her dinners, gifts, and flowers. And what will be happened after did those things? The girl will find that boy is a nice person, but there are no sparks, so she just likes him as a friend!

So, how to get a girl to like you more than just ordinary friend?

Well, you must understand how ATTRACTION works for women and how to keep the attraction going when you meet a girl you really like! In other words, you must have a clue about how to make girl feel attraction to you. Here are three simple tips that you can do for building attraction:

1. Do not let yourself become a wussy by sharing how you feel too early and becomes boring and predictable. Instead, keep the relationship interesting and fun.

2. Do something strong and challenge her. If she thinks that she is cool, make fun of her. If she is smart, argue with her a little. If she is doing something, tell her that you could do it better.

3. Make her like you by creating spice, humor, mystery, cocky and funny, and saucy conversations. Keep her interest and attention!

Remember: as long as you know how to make a woman feel ATTRACTION for you, then you can control your destiny with women. If you DO NOT know how to make a woman feel ATTRACTION for you, then you cannot control your destiny with women. Accept this fact and begin to act on it, you will have the success with any girls that you want! GOOD LUCK!

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