How to Get Over My Girlfriend Having Sex With Another Man – 5 Tips

Did your girlfriend just cheat on you? Ouch. Any guy who hasn’t had to go through that is very lucky. Whether you want to get over her or just the fact she cheated on you, I have a few tips for you.

1. Don’t Think About It – The worst thing you can do is keep picturing what happened. If you keep reminding yourself about it, you’re going to stay bitter about it.

Whatever happened, it’s in the past now. If you don’t learn how to blank it out, and you still want to pursue a successful relationship with this girl, you’ll be tempted to bring it up with her and you’ll always be suspicious. Not healthy.

2. Can I Trust Her? – This is a tough one, and you’ll have to make your own judgement call here. Unfortunately, a lot of people who cheat are likely to do it again. Do you really want to go through the stress of knowing it might happen again? If it was a long time ago, then proceed with caution.

If you do decide to take her back, you must trust her completely or not go out with her at all; nothing in between. If you’re always questioning her, asking if she’s sleeping with another man, and generally getting up in arms about it, then she might give up trying and cheat on you again.

Having complete faith in your partner, even if they’ve cheated on you before, is your best shot at avoiding the problem again.

3. Did You Encourage Her? – Not all cases are the cheating partners’ fault. If she was unhappy with you, you may have contributed to it. I’m not talking about how good you are in bed. That’s irrelevant.

Were you always suspicious of her all the time? Were you always accusing her of things she didn’t do? Are you controlling? Are you always jealous? These are all traits that can lead to your girl cheating on you. If she feels happy and free whilst dating you, and less of a possession, chances are she won’t even think about cheating on you.

4. Is She Worth It? – Of course, the problem could be all hers. Some girls (and guys) need to feel desirable. They thrive on as much attention as they can get. If a guy wants them they can’t say no. These types are usually drama queens, to top it off.

Until she grows up, don’t bother. These kinds of women aren’t worth your time, and you’ll just find yourself frustrated. There are plenty of faithful, attractive girls out there. Don’t dedicate your time, energy and emotions into a girl who can’t respect what a faithful relationship is.

5. Have Some Fun Yourself – Only if you’ve broken up with her. I don’t encourage cheating on her as payback. You’ll just find yourself spiraling into a big emotional mess until both of you are left picking up the pieces alone.

If you have broken up with her, see as many girls as you like. Only date, if you don’t want to have sex. Either way, when you start making female friends, you’ll find yourself moving forward. You’ll forget about the past, and you’ll forget about your girlfriend cheating on you. You’ll realize you’re not missing anything, and you’ll feel sorry for the next guy who dates her; you’ll know exactly what he’ll have to put up with.

Decide what you want and stick to it. Have you broken up and you want to get over it? Learn the best way to get over a break-up. Or are you thinking about giving her another chance, but not sure you can trust her? You know her, and you’ve got to decide yourself. Personally, I never give a cheater a second chance, because I know I deserve better and that I can get better.

But if you decide to give her another chance, you need to trust her completely. She may be sorry about it, and she’ll want to know that you trust her. She’ll want to know that you can still believe in her despite what she’s done. If you can’t do this, you may find the problem repeating itself.

Source by V. Valentino

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