How to Give a Girl Amazing Orgasms – 5 Easy to Follow Tips to Give Her Magnificent Orgasms Quickly

As a man you will have to be aware that your woman can have an orgasm and as a gentleman you will have to know about a few things that will give her magnificent orgasms quickly. If you have neither known that your woman could have orgasms nor known how to give her magnificent orgasms quickly then make certain that you read the following 5 easy to follow tips and give her the most magnificent orgasms really quick.

Emotional and Intellectual Needs

If you are expecting women of the 21st century to just lie down and count the flowers on the wall papers, then it is time that you knocked yourself on the head and learned that women have raised the stakes for you and you will have to learn to be intellectually and emotionally satisfying. Learn to do this and you would have paved an easy way to faster orgasms.

Work The Body

Make certain that you make the best use of the foreplay time. This is the best time that you could use to explore your woman’s body and learn about the many curves and crevices more intimately. You would have to learn to let your fingers and all other parts of your body navigate and explore the vastness of her body. During this time, learn about the various erogenous zones that stimulate your woman that help trigger a faster orgasm.

Oral Sex

You would have to learn to put all parts of your mouth to better use and also learn to satisfy her privates well with those parts. While employing oral sex, you would also have to ensure that you choose the right position that would give both you and your woman the most pleasure and help her have the best orgasms possible.


Be wise enough to choose the right position for maximum penetration. With the right position you would surely be able to control and prolong your orgasms and simultaneously, you would be able to make her have the most magnificent multiple orgasms quickly. The best positions are those that are most comfortable and offer the most mobility for you. I’m sure you’ve heard of crazy positions that people claim can cause amazing orgasms, but if your uncomfortable, there is no way to make it feel good.

Be Spontaneous

The next tip is all about alternations and about spontaneity. You can’t go through sex like you were a robot. You will have to alternate the above steps during the whole time you are having sex with her. This would create immensely different sensations in her body and help her orgasms really fast. You would also have to remember that if you involve in sex like it was a clinical function that needs to be performed at a particular time and only in the confines of your bedroom, then be assured that your woman will be bored and will never be able to have an orgasms let alone many magnificent orgasms.

Take her by surprise in the least expected times and at the least expected places and you surely would be able to find your woman writhing in pleasure and having multiple magnificent orgasms in no time.

Now try these 5 easy steps and give her magnificent orgasms quickly.

Source by G. Crandall

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