How To Give A Girl An Orgasm

Did you know that a recent study on sexually active women has revealed that more than seventy percent cannot reach orgasm with vaginal sex? With this findings in mind, you will definitely wonder if you are able to provide pleasure to your girl. It may be quite depressing to find out that you are not able to give your girl an orgasm and the satisfaction that she needs. If you are thinking of ways on how to give your girl an orgasm, then it would be good to take these tips into consideration.


1 Turn her on with romantic surprises. Kisses and touch would help build anticipation which builds up sexual tension in her body.


2 Give her a relaxing massage on the neck, shoulders, and back. Keeping a girl relaxed will make her orgasm faster because her mind is clear.


3 Use positions that bring pleasure to the clitoris and the G-spot such as the reverse missionary. When the girl is on top, she can control the friction and pressure on her pleasure spots.


4 Stimulate the clitoris through oral sex. This would even help you give a girl multiple orgasms because oral sex directly stimulates the clitoris through varied tongue movements. Oral sex or cunnilingus also keeps your hands free to touch and caress her body and the vagina to increase sexual arousal.


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Source by Taylor Grey

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