How to Give a Girl Super Hard Orgasms! 7 Tricks Which Will Make it All Real Simple For You

Women only want total satisfaction when it comes to sex. If you can provide her with that, then she will never leave your side – ever. For a relationship to be strong and healthy, there must be a complete balance of all the elements involved and sex is one of them.

That is why it is wise for you to have a knowledge or two when it comes to pleasuring your lover. Here exemplified are ways on how you can give harder and stronger orgasms. Read on and learn them well.

1. Try to find out her innermost secrets. Make her feel comfortable and put her mind at ease, then you can make her open up and reveal her intimate desires. Knowing the things that she likes and dislikes can help you, especially when it comes to satisfying her.

When a woman gets what she wants in bed…Her satisfaction levels tend to almost double thus making your job easier.

2. Never rush things because it will spoil the aspect of eagerness and anticipation. You must always give foreplay a huge amount of time if you want her to achieve seismic hard orgasms.

The slower you take it the more turned on she would be which will further enhance her chances of achieving an orgasm in bed.

3. Keep in mind that women take an ample amount of time before they get stimulated, so be patient. Show her that all of your time is allotted only for her. Remember that you aren’t running a race here. Give her what she wants and you will get what you want eventually.

4. Let her guide you regarding where she wants to be touched, kissed, etc. That’s why it’s important to give her control in a timely manner. When you can’t figure out exactly what to do…That’s the perfect time you should give her the control.

5. It is also sometimes ideal that you talk dirty when making love; however, there are also girls that do not like such. That it is why it is essential that you know the things which will make her tick and those that can turn her off.

6. Focus on two of the most sensitive parts of her body – clitoris and G-spot. Take your time arousing and stimulating these two and you will surely be sending her to kingdom come.

7. Try sexual positions that will allow maximum penetration and full body contact. Follow these tips and give her the best sex ever with super strong orgasms.

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