How to Give a Prostate Massage

Learning how to give a prostate massage is easy when you know the right steps. And for those who may not be exactly sure what an internal prostate massage is, you may be more familiar with the terms ‘milking the prostate’ or ‘prostate milking massage’ all of which are the stimulation of the male g spot, the epicenter of male sexuality.

Like the Female G Spot accessing the male g spot can also be tricky. Located just under the bladder it can be felt by entering the anus, which is why an internal prostate massage is not for every man. Not only is the anus an incredibly sensitive area, men are usually more used to dominating during sex and so it may take some persuading for him to feel comfortable enough to consent to it.

For those who are open to experimentation an internal prostate massage can lead to incredibly intense feelings of pleasure, ecstasy and healing. In Tantra the male g spot is believed to be the root of male emotions and performing an internal prostate massage leads to the release of tremendous amounts of emotional and physical stress.

Internal prostate massage is also a very powerful tool for any woman to have in her bag of sexual tricks. Although its purpose is to prolong ejaculation, due to its incredible sensation for men, many a savvy woman use this technique to actually speed ejaculation up when basically, they are ready for sex to end.


When learning how to prostate massage first familiarize where it is and how to get to it. The walnut sized gland is in close proximity to the rectal wall with a membrane in the way, meaning it’s not actually possible to make direct contact with it.

If you are feeling tentative about putting your finger into his anus then use a fitted latex glove. This is advised regardless to avoid any sharp nails or broken skin irritating the many delicate membranes of the anus. Also ensure he is thoroughly clean and both have a relaxing shower together beforehand.

There are various positions to stimulate the prostate but when beginning it is easiest for the beginner and receiver to perform an internal prostate massage face to face. Have him lie in front of you with his legs pulled up to his chest. Sit crossed legged or kneel in front of him with easy access to his genitals. This positioning may appear some what un-intimate or even sterile but giving a sexual prostate massage assumes already that both partners are very comfortable with each other in any position.

Begin by easing your partner in to a sense of relaxation by massing his abdomen and the backs of his legs and buttocks. You can increase intensity by giving him a Lingham Massage and when you think he is sufficiently aroused slip your glove on and apply lubrication liberally to your finger and his anal area.

Sexual prostate massage should be smooth and streamlined. Do not by any means poke the anus, instead use gentle circular motions to stroke the anal opening into a relaxed pleasure state of trust. With patience and steady stimulation, when the anus is ready it will actually allow you to enter and draw the finger in to the anus.

Let this happen naturally but still do not force any movement. The internal sphincters of the anus will still be adjusting to a foreign object making its way inside the anus.


Remove the finger only to apply more lubrication as desired but when you feel his body is completely ready to seek the prostate, crook your finger upwards and feel for a ’roundish’ protrusion. You will know when you have hit the male g spot when your partners breathing and body language changes. Applying more of less pressure will bring on the incredible sensation of impending ejaculation.

As he becomes more aroused you can move the finger partially in and out to not only stimulate the male g spot but also the super sensitive nerve endings around the anus.

As you progress through this together ensure you maintain eye contact at all times to intensify the sexual energy in the room and your connection with each other. At the point of climax, either of you can massage his linhgam, or you can massage his linhgam with one hand while continuing with the internal prostate massage, or he may desire for you to ‘milk’ his prostate without direct stimulation to the penis. To achieve this the giver will gently stroke each lobe, resulting in a gentle flow of semen and the emptying of the prostate through the erect or flaccid penis.

Giving an internal prostate massage can take a bit of practice but once you know how to stimulate the male g spot it’s definitely a powerful sexual trick for any woman to have up her sleeve.

Source by Jane L

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