How to Give Good Fellatio? The Real Reason Your Girl CAN’T

If you have been wondering how to give head but something is holding you back you need to consider the following:

Performing oral sex on a man is still viewed by many women as dirty or taboo. If you are one of these women (or your partner is) you / they have every right to say NO if you / they really do not want to do it.

What we need to address is the “reason behind the reason” you / they object to oral sex.

Why is it some women view this intimate act as dirty or taboo?

Let us look at these two factors:

1) Dirty

Many women associate fellatio with disgust. Typical worries include: “how can I put that in my mouth?”, “is this hygienic?” ,”will he ejaculate in my mouth?” and “will I choke?”

2) Taboo

It is an erotic act which is not openly discussed by mainstream society at large. Consequently, women face a great deal of uncertainty and fear of the unknown when it comes to performing oral sex.

The above points are a result of the real reason some women opt out of oral…a lack of confidence.

Understandably most women have a total lack of knowledge about how to perform fellatio effectively. Give any woman this knowledge and it breathes confidence and power into the individual…and the bedroom. Not only does it make the sexual experience with your loved one more intense but a deeper connection between the individuals occurs.

Women who know these specialist techniques are empowered and take their new found confidence into every other area of their life.

Source by Adrianna Cech

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