How to Give Her Multiple Orgasms in Minutes – Secrets Behind the Female Multiple Orgasm

The greatest thing about the female orgasm is that women can have multiple orgasms in one night. The refractory period that exists for men doesn’t happen in women and this is good news for you. Now, instead of just giving her one orgasm, you can give her plenty and you can keep her satisfied for a long time to come. You just need to learn how to give her multiple orgasms in minutes.

The most difficult obstacle to overcome is the first orgasm. It always takes women a little time to get the first orgasm out of the way. This one requires the most work on your behalf. You have to make her orgasm once before you can make her orgasm multiple times. If you have troubles making this happen, there are some tips for you that can really help to make things a whole lot easier.

In order to make your woman climax faster, you should start stimulation outside of the bedroom. Get her in the mood with a text message describing what you want to do to her later. This paints a picture in her mind and gives her something to work with. Women are very mental beings and instead of requiring visual stimulation, they prefer to fantasize in their minds. Get her fantasizing about feeling you pleasing her and you will notice that she will be a lot more involved once you get her alone.

When you are stimulating her, it is best to give her double stimulation. Let your fingers hit both her g-spot and her clitoris. This increases her chances of having an orgasm significantly and it preps her for multiple times of pleasure.

Once the first orgasm is out of the way, don’t dive into things right away. You want to give her an opportunity to relax and to allow her body to calm down. Once she is calm, which will only take a matter of minute, then you can resume pleasing her. Now you will notice that it won’t take much for her to feel pleasure. The time it takes for her to climax again is significantly reduced, however, her sensitivity is at an all time high. To make her orgasm multiple times, make sure that you are being a bit more gentle with her after the first orgasm occurs.

Instead of giving your woman mediocre pleasure, use these tips so you can give her orgasm after orgasm after orgasm tonight and really make her head spin.

Source by Hugh Benson

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