How to Give Women Great Oral Sex – 5 Tips For an Unforgettable Oral Sex Experience

Even though your partner may never say anything related to the subject, oral sex is definitely up in her books. Unfortunately, giving oral sex never seems to be a top priority for most guys. You really need to know that giving girls great oral sex could make her long for you like never before, provided you offer her intense pleasure. Read on to discover some deadly tips on giving girls intense oral sex and making them wild in no time.

How To Give Women Great Oral Sex – 5 Tips For An Unforgettable Oral Sex Experience

Tip One – Use All Of Your Personal Tools. Remember that you have a pair of lips, a tongue and several fingers to help you do your job right. To make sure that you get to satisfy your partner completely, you simply need to utilize these “tools” effectively to give her the intense pleasure that she deserves. The best way to do this would be by focusing on “foreplay”. Tease her by concentrating on her thighs and labia and you’re your tongue within these areas before heading for her clitoris. If she keeps anticipating your descent, she will go crazy with desire.

Tip Two – Wait Before You Enter. A lot of guys make the mistake of just tonguing a girl’s clitoris and nothing else. The real oral sex experts know that their tongues can penetrate girls and give them orgasms with ease. Remember that vaginas are tender, though, so you have to be very gentle so as not to hurt your parent. You also have to remember that a bit of “pain” could make the sensations feel even better. Always remember to practice discretion, though; this would be the most important part.

Tip Three – Let Your Fingers Fly. While you use your tongue and lips to pleasure your partner, let your fingers join in to make every sensation even better. As you lick her clitoris, for example, roam her whole body with your hands for extra pleasure. By the time you enter her, she is sure to reach an intense orgasm in an instant. Try it out!

Tip Four – Vary Your Speed Of Work. As you lick her, you might feel the need to lick her as fast as you can, but this is not advisable. Alternating your speeds from slow to fast and back again would be the ideal trick to follow. In fact, stopping may drive her even me wild and she could end up begging you to keep going. Your voice alone might even be enough to give your girl an orgasm, if you get good at your skills.

Tip Five – Use “Voice Orgasm” Techniques. When you administer oral sex on her, it is useful if you know certain phrases or “moans” which will trigger her orgasms. In fact, you can get her to climax even by using your voice alone – but only if you know how.

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