How To Make A Girl Jealous – Let Her Chase You Down And Beg For Attention

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This interestingly written article on the topic of Make A Girl Jealous. Jealousy has its advantages and disadvantages at the same time. But when you are going though it and burning with jealousy yourself than it only has disadvantages and no advantages. But jealousy can be used as a very powerful tool to get a girls attention and make her chase you like crazy. Read on to discover some of the killer ways on how to get a girl jealous and achieve mind blowing results.

Tips to Make A Girl Jealous

Always be confident- Make it a point to always be and act confident no matter how depressing the situation seems. Girls normally tend to get more jealous when you don’t feel what they are feeling as that feeling of mutual emotions is lost and than she would end up in the depressed zone where she would look for your attention.

Hang up on her calls early- This is another great ways to make a girl jealous and leave her wanting for more and more from you. Never have long conversations with her and whatever conversation you do have make sure that you hang up before her. Make her feel a bit inferior and jealous. Another thing you can do is to make her wait by saying you have a call from an old female friend from school and keep her waiting.

Talk to other girls in front of her- This is by far the best and most widely practiced way to get a girl jealous. Make it a point to talk to other girls in front of her without paying much attention towards her. Not only would she get jealous her want for you would double only due to the fact that now she fears that you might run away to other females and leave her. It gives her that strange feeling of rejection even before she is rejected.

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