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How to Make a Woman Like You – Using Cutting-Edge Female Psychology Techniques

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Woman like you or hate you, but she cannot control what you make her feel. If you compel her to notice you and she starts getting these feelings (some girls call it love at first sight), then you know you have a big chance of getting her on a date.

Tips to Make a Woman Like You

Do you have to be rich or ultra-handsome to be interesting enough to get her to fall for you almost as soon as you start talking to her? Not really. You just have to understand her psychology and then change the way you talk to her a bit to make her fall. Read the following methods of seduction to see what I mean.

How To Make Her Like You – 3 Surefire Techniques

Method 1. Enhance Your Self-Value. Women can sense a leader when she sees one. Men who are naturally authoritative don’t need to talk all night to make women swoon. They just have to move, smile, stand and sit like they don’t notice women looking.

Your Alpha personality must be highly developed to pull this off. Start working on your self value and begin looking and acting like an Alpha male to make girls beg for your attention. Women fall in love at first sight with guys who demonstrate a lot of self value. In fact, they even look around and identify their competition (other women who are also noticing you) and fall all over themselves trying to outdo each other to make you notice.

Method 2. Get Her In Your World. Show her what you’re about and have rules she can follow. You’ll notice that women have their own rules that trap men into being their slaves (e.g. “I don’t kiss on a first date”, “You must pay for my dinner”, “You must at least have a sports car”).

Getting her in your world means she has to follow your rules and not the other way around. She must be the one to put in effort to maintain YOUR attraction. If she keeps telling herself “I have to keep this guy’s attention”, you can bet her attraction for you will increase 10-fold.

Method 3. This is a subtle but covert seduction method called Fractionation. Simply put, it will make her feel attached to you within minutes. This hypnosis tactic will make women like you instantly. Women who are put under a master seducer’s spell through fractionation feel an instant emotional connection with the guy.

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