How to Make Girls Chase You – Using Two Forbidden Psychology Strategies

Living the good life is all about getting the things that you’ve chosen yourself. What are these exactly? Of course you know the basics: a good career and a successful love life. If you’re like most men, maybe the first is easier to obtain than the second. What you need to do is to apply the same tactic you use to increase your market value in your company on your love life.

When you increase your value, you will be able to get all the women chasing you. The skills to doing this are many but simple enough. If you can apply these skills every time you go out to meet women, you will have them calling you at odd hours all week long and even longer.

Here are two forbidden tactics to transform yourself from your old average self into the ultimate babe magnet overnight

The first tactic – “Confuse The Girl”. If your seduction game so far is weak, you must have forgotten to send her mixed signals to get her wondering what you’re all about. This dirty method is something that master seducers use but will never share with you. This has leaked in the past but only a few men got it right. The objective is to confuse her to increase her attraction for you. You bask in the drama her mental processes are churning out. She won’t be able to resist you. This is a killer psychology-related method you can use tonight.

The next tactic is advanced – I call this method “fractionation“, which uses hypnosis tactics to increase affection and attraction. Women will fall helplessly in love with you if you do this right. Many seducers have gotten the reputation of being great with girls with this tactic. The result is you can get her to crave your company faster than normal. In 14 minutes, you will notice her falling for you deeper.

Source by Derek Rake

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