How To Make Her Orgasm – 5 Incredible Orgasm Techniques You Won’t Regret

For women, each orgasm is different; there can be different levels of intensity. Most women tend to only experience clitoral orgasms and a surprising number only orgasm during masturbation and never during sex…If you want to drive her wild and give her an explosive orgasm which she’ll never forget, pay attention to these 5 techniques:

1) Assert your dominance.

While this isn’t really a technique per se, it is vitally important if you want to please her in the bedroom. Almost every woman is turned on by a dominant man in the bedroom. If you act shy, hesitate and don’t seem very sure of yourself, you won’t get too far when trying to please her. Even if you’re more of a submissive character, give it a chance and surprise yourself with your acting skills; she’ll definitely love it! Women are really into men that are powerful and commanding in bed. It’s a great way to increase your chances of giving her an explosive orgasm!

2) Make her anticipate the sex.

A mistake that men often make is having sex with a girl when she isn’t fully aroused and wanting sex. There are many things you can do to make sure she’s in the mood to enjoy sex and experience an amazing climax: plant kisses everywhere, caress her fully, spend time exploring every part of her body before engaging in sex. Make her anticipate the sex by not touching her clitoris or vaginal area until the very last-minute: don’t have sex with her until she gets so aroused that she asks for it. Requires a little restraint, but the outcome is so much better!

3) Pay special attention to her nipples.

Use a variety of techniques to make sure that her nipples get all the attention they deserve. Lick them, suck them, kiss them, use your fingers to caress them, the possibilities are almost endless. Nipple stimulation (a.k.a. teasing them) actually sends incredible sensations all the way down to her pelvis, and if you pay them the attention they ought to have, she will repay you by allowing you to experience her orgasm as well.

4) Stimulate her clitoris during sex.

As mentioned earlier, most women tend to orgasm through clitoral stimulation more than they do through intercourse. Therefore it is reasonable to suggest that having sex alone isn’t likely to give her the orgasm of her life. The secret is to give her clitoris some attention while you are penetrating her; it’ll definitely lead her to an explosive orgasm because you’re effectively doubling the pleasure!

5) Introduce a vibrator to your sex life.

Vibrators are the sex toy that women get the most pleasure out of. Women who aren’t able to let themselves orgasm during sex with their partner, can often bring themselves to an amazing climax by using this type of toy. If you want her to experience an orgasm with you, why not try using a vibrator on her and watch her squirm with pleasure as it makes her orgasm explosively?

Source by Suzie Alder

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