How to Make Him Call You Always – Learn How You Can Make Him Desperate to Hear Your Voice

If you are wondering how in the world you are going to make him call you everyday and prove that he is crazy about you, then all you need to do is follow these tips.

Don’t be available all the time

If you are the type of clingy desperate and needy girl who is always whining about how he does not call you and keep in touch – you can forget about making him want to call you. He will do just the opposite and stay away from you. Stop showing him how available and desperate you are for his calls. Be aloof and stop calling him.

Make him curious and inquisitive about you

Nothing can make a guy more inquisitive and curious about you than an air of mystery and intrigue. Don’t let him know everything about you. Keep mum about your past boyfriends and don’t let him read you so easily. The less he knows, the more he will want to know and this will make him call you regularly just so that he is in touch with you.

Let him chase you while you play hard to get

It is amazing how a man thinks that a girl who is hard to get is the most attractive creature on the face of the earth. Give him the thrill of a good chase and refuse to get caught easily. This will make him woo you like never before and he will call you everyday to get your attention.

Don’t answer every call

Do you know what will infuriate and frustrate him so that he goes crazy with desire for you? The answer is your refusing to answer his calls. If you pretend to be too busy to return his calls, he will desperately want to speak to you. You will become the most important thing in his life and he will not give up trying to get you to respond to his calls.

Let him know that you have made many new friends

There is nothing like a little bit of competition to get a guy going! If he things that you are his lovesick slave, he will tend to ignore you because he knows that you will always be around. On the other hand if he thinks that you could lose interest in him and get friendly with another guy who has come into your life – he will desperately call you and make sure you are in touch with him.

Encourage his attention but don’t look needy

Keep throwing him tidbits that will excite him and keep him interested in you. Refuse to go out of your way and look needy because that will make him over confident of your love. Keep him guessing about your true feelings for him and he will constantly be in touch with you to reassure himself!

Make him feel really good when you do talk to him!

One way to get him addicted to you is to talk to him in a sweet, loving and sexy manner every time he calls you. Get him to call you at night when all is calm and quiet and concentrate on making him feel loved and special. Soon he will tend to depend on these calls to keep him going and he will call you without fail.

Source by Krista Hiles

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