How To Make Sex Her Idea And Get Her Begging For It

Most guys have been programmed, either by society or mother nature to chase girls. Girls are taught to be feminine and discreet, while guys are supposed to do all the approaching, and take all the risk.

Wouldn’t it be great to get a girl to chase you? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a girl be the one calling you and asking you to come over to her place? The good news is with some proper frame control this turns out to be pretty easy.

Now, you’ll have to actually get the ball rolling. To date, there hasn’t been any kind of invention or magic cologne that will allow you to just walk into a place and suddenly be swarmed with hot girls begging for your attention.

Unless of course you happen to be a famous movie star or something, which most of us aren’t.

So once you go up and start talking to her, this is where the angle comes in. Instead of obviously pursuing her, like most guys do, you’ll be playing it a little different. You’ll be open, comfortable, and not shy about letting her know you appreciate her, assuming that you do.

And you’ll even be escalating with a bit of kino from time to time. This is to show her that you aren’t shy, and that you have no problems taking things to the next level. Once you see that she is responding favorably to your kino escalations, you’re good to go.

You simply pull back slightly, and keep her in that magical space where she knows you aren’t shy, she knows you’re into her, and she knows you are comfortable touching her in socially places.

Yet at the same time, you aren’t going full speed ahead like every other guy she’s ever talked to. And this will drive her crazy. The more you hold her in this emotional state, the more she’ll start to wish, on some level, that you’d hurry the hell up and move in for a kiss or something.

Keep in mind that this is different from the “I wish he’d kiss me but he’s too shy” kind of feeling. You’re looking for the “I wish he’d kiss me but I can’t figure out why, since obviously he likes me but he’s not shy.”

This will get her mind spinning, in all the right directions. Naturally, the more you keep her mind in this golden state of desire, on first dates, second dates, well, you get the picture.

Pretty soon, you won’t be able to hold her back.

Source by George Hutton

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