How to Pleasure a Girl in Bed – This Will Give You the Ultimate Power to Satisfy Her to Extreme

It’s sad but true that sex is perhaps the most selfish thing that men engage in. Men falsely assume that what is good for them will be equally pleasurable to women. However, this is not the case with women and they need a lot of emotional involvement and a feeling of being wanted to enjoy and experience pleasure in bed with their man. Visual and physical stimulation alone cannot guarantee sexual satisfaction for women. Here are three tips that should serve as an eye opener to you….

Show your emotional involvement-

As mentioned above physical intimacy alone does not satisfy a woman. Women derive much more pleasure if they feel wanted and loved. Women will generally not tell you what they expect from you unless they feel completely secure with you. A woman’s mental well being can be achieved by showing your softer side and taking care of her small needs before you go to bed. A beautiful card, a bouquet of roses or a fine dinner at a classy restaurant will lift her mood for a more intimate encounter later in the night

Do not rush and show your impetuousness-

More than the sex women derive far more pleasure from the act of undressing, kissing, necking and all those activities that are considered part of an erotic foreplay. The best part is you will derive as much pleasure from this as your girl.

Long intimate sessions-

Be creative and instead of rushing to your favorite position ask your girl her favorite position and have sex in that position. This way she will feel empowered and will relax a bit more. Use your tongue and fingers to good effect and give her both clitoral and vaginal (g-spot) stimulation. A lengthier session will be far more pleasurable for the girl. Try and prolong your orgasm and time it in such a way that both of you climax at the same time. This is easier said than done; however, with a little practice you should be able to achieve it.

While having sex be confident and show your gentler, caring and sensitive side. Pay attention to her needs and responses and at all times maintain eye contact.

Source by Rahul Talwar

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