How to Seduce a Girl

Seduction is not all about you. You, as a guy, might know all the things that you should know on how to seduce a girl and have read all the seduction tips you need to. Yet, seduction is a two person or what I say, a mutual interaction. If you apply the wrong tips to the wrong type of girl, nothing will happen.

Girls are different from boys. There are these three personalities of girls that open the door for your seduction skills which I would like to share with you. Identifying such personalities and applying the appropriate seduction methods, you will get what you want to get at the end.

These three personalities will show how they see things and it will also give signs to you on how you can approach them. However, even after reading this article, you will find it hard to identify these personalities as it requires a lot of practice and experience. Even if this is the case, the reward after you have completely master the technique of spotting these personalities, you seduction methods and skills will pay you twice the reward that you have bargained for.

Emotion Girls

I am not talking about moody here. Emotion girls use their feelings and try to connect it with the subject matter of a conversation. They judge by their feelings and to get them into a deep conversation with you, you will need to make her feel good. Take her through experiences that she is eager for. Physical contact and intimate movements of yours will be the easy way to make these girls fall for you as long as you can provide the feeling she wants.

Visual Girls

Such types of girls love to use their eyes and they use what they see as a base for their imagination and visualization. They need to see things in order to stimulate her thoughts in a conversation. To satisfy her visual needs, you can give her presents, give her what she has been dreaming of getting because those are what she are having imagination with and she need to see them in order to fulfill the needs of their vision. When you are the person who are able to fulfill her visual needs, your question on how to seduce a girl will be answered pretty quickly.

Big Ear Girls

These girls are neat in everything they do. They pay attention to every single detail or her work and can be said that they are perfectionists. To communicate with these girls, you need to have patience in explaining the details of the subject matter that you are trying to convey. Seducing such girls will need your confidence in your conversations with them and the way you put the conversation must be interesting enough to get their attention.

The three types of personality of girls are simply divided by looking at which part of senses that they use the most. As you can see, all of them will be connected to their mind, which will be the part that controls her whether to accept you or not. Amazing isn’t it?

Source by Joe Langley

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