How to Win a Girl Back – Effortlessly Get Your Ex Girlfriend Running Back to You

You’re probably reading this article right now because you’ve tried everything to get your ex girlfriend back and you’re, well… stuck. As men we are taught to work hard for what we want. But this “fight for what you want” mentality is exactly what is keeping you from getting her back. It’s time to consider an alternative approach… a way to win your girl back that will ultimately require little effort on your part

What Women Want

Men tend to be more focused on physical looks than women. Women on the other hand, tend to be attracted to a man who makes them feel a certain way. This means you’re going to have to go back to acting like the man you were when you first met.

When you first met your girl, you were probably confident, independent and easy going. Ask yourself if that’s how you’re acting right now. If you’re afraid of losing her, there is a strong chance that you’re acting a lot differently.

Are You Acting This Way?

Acting in any way that could be considered desperate, needy or insecure is going to be a major turn off to your ex girlfriend.

Behaviors that will push her away…

– Calling her all the time

– Sending lots of emails and/or text messages

– Sending flowers, gifts or love letters

– Declaring your undying love

– Getting mad, jealous or arguing about the relationship

– Trying to make her feel sorry for you

– Apologizing for everything

– Promising you’ll change

Are you starting to get the picture? These behaviors make you look weak and insecure… the opposite qualities that your girlfriend is naturally attracted to.

Wake Up Call

I’m not trying to sound harsh here, but it’s important to have a wake up call about how human nature works and use this knowledge to your advantage. Your ex girlfriend isn’t being mean or uncaring… she just can’t help how she feels when you act this way… it’s just the way she’s hard-wired. It’s your choice… either work with human nature or struggle against it and get nowhere.

The Best Way To Win Your Girl Back

It’s time to go back to being your true self… a man who is confident, secure, strong and independent. It’s OK to let her know you still care, but you need to stop chasing her. Give the relationship a break and stop contacting her for a while. Give her some time to miss you. Show her you’re OK with the breakup and develop a detached attitude. You’ll be amazed at how differently she starts acting toward you.

I’m not going to give you false hope and say that giving her space is all it will take to win her back. But it’s a powerful first step that will set the tone for everything else you do. Getting your ex girlfriend back should not be an endless cycle of chasing her and getting constantly rejected.

Source by Matt Olson

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